03 November 2011


'our brightest blazes of gladness
are commonly kindled by unexpected sparks.'
~ samuel johnson


  1. Wasn't sure which blog to comment on...

    I chose this one because I SO love the heart-shaped skeleton leaf. I picked one up off the ground the other day...and the rusty background of your blog? We'll I love it too! Guess I'm just full of love today...hee hee...

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. NBC is my favorite. Love the animation and the music too! Glad you, too, get it!!! :-)


  2. Glad you had a bright spot in the day. I have had two Zen afternoons with the wood. "And what do you do after enlightenment? Chop wood and carry water. " At least the rhythm is soothing. Nice leaf!

  3. How wonderful - to find love in an unexpected place. The earth wears her heart on her sleeve...

  4. Mary Jane- you are one of those people who finds joy in every possible place-- only you would find this heart shaped leaf. I absolutely love the photo!


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