16 November 2011

who'd of thought?

'the real voyage of discovery consists
not in seeking new landscapes
but in having new eyes.'
~ marcel proust

the kids and i live in my grandparents' home... they are gone... but i 'find' them all of the time... today i was moving some boxes from around my bench and look what i found!

you would have thought i had located c.s. lewis' wardrobe (and perhaps i have!)... 

a small organizer



  1. what a treasure trove...keep us updated as you continue your explorations into the wardrobe...
    home truly is where the heart is..especially in your case

  2. What a great find...that key alone is wonderful!

  3. Your post has me wondering if my boys will savor finds in Papa's garage when he is gone.

  4. Wow - treasure hunting - er, treasure finding in your home - it doesn't get much better than that! Too cool.

  5. MD - I agree with Stregata - what better thing than to discover treasure in your own home. B

  6. oh my :) that is very very COOL!!! i just love discovering things at home ... things that i know not of. Renate is right :) This is better than finding 100 bucks in a jeans that you haven't worn for ages ;)

  7. It is so wonderful that you could uncover these things from your Papa. It's like having a little special piece of him living in your work space.

  8. I found a similar treasure when I moved into my old Vermont farmhouse-- those cupboards were usually tucked away behind doors on the landings of the cellar stairs and were used as vegetable storage in the winter since they kept the temps just above freezing. You can tell because the design is very workmanlike and not at all ornate. Just good solid and enduring craftsmanship, so appropriate for storing the supplies (or whatever) of a solid craftsman like your good self! I do think these pieces have a special presence, carrying the imprint of previous uses and users. Enjoy!

  9. Score! Well, at least as long as the excitement lasts of seeing what's in those jars... hmmm... eye of newt?

    What fun!


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