12 July 2012


when i do something new-ish, it can almost be assumed that i have a project i need to begin the physical work on but am at that point where i need to push through to begin... it's that moment when you are half excited/half terrified... 

so naturally, i do something completely unrelated... 

like make my first stamp - 

the flags for peace project has a natural deadline of sept. 21st - international peace day... i had wanted to be able to carve stamps to apply the paint/ink to the material... and i just got the supplies in this morning... 

i wanted my first stamp to be a lotus and i found this image in my book by robert beer... 

it had been suggested that i practice on erasers (though i am wondering if i got the right kind, i know i got the right tools... they didn't go through 'like butter'... so i am either holding the cutting edge incorrectly, or i got the wrong eraser!) thank you, barbara, for giving me a list of the supplies i needed...

as i sat carving - which i rather liked - my daughter came in from a photography workshop she worked at the grounds for sculpture,

and she handed me this - 

a real lotus petal... i hadn't asked for it, nor did she know what i was doing as she had left before the delivery arrived!

i am really happy with it - i wanted a rough woodcut type effect... i know there is practice to be done... but at least i can get going on the peace/prayer flags now... 


  1. I am in love with your print. The kind of eraser you're "supposed" to get is a white eraser. The rubber is softer and designed not to crumble. But I like the rough edges. Gives the prints more character, I think.

  2. I have tried to carve stamps from linoleum in the past... love this stamp you carved. And the universe is sending you love letters through the hand of your daughter...

  3. Hi MJ - the great thing about stamps is that you do not need to seek precise cuts unless you are into images for others. I think what you have produced has a natural rustic feel about it - so in tune with the project. Go well. B

  4. i love how when faced with something we need to/have to do, we head off and do something else entirely! I do the same, and think it frees up my thinking for the other task...or at least I tell myself that story. I love the serendipitous arrival of a lotus petal and the lovely marks the rubber has made - as well as the beautiful symbol. Clearly win-win-win!

  5. You've worked magic with the pink erasers Maire! I'll be so excited to see how this progresses....

  6. Awesome idea. Carving in a white erase will produce a softer line. But I quite like the effect you got. I also have some pink and gray carving pads from a Hobby Lobby. Linocut stuff I think. That works even better. I have also had some custom carved stamps done. If you need someone who does that, let me know and I can give you their shops on Etsy. Looking forward to your creations! Enjoy the day, Miss Maire! Erin

  7. I think it's beautiful. You are a very talented lady!

  8. I've not one doubt that you can make or do anything- you have incredible talents-- they seem to spring forth in so many directions. I think the lotus stamp is stunning. How bout that daughter of yours--- great minds---

  9. Erasers are so small. Must've been very difficult! Well done...a great result.

  10. I believe that with the right mental attitude, we can all be fertile ground for synchronicity-- a coming together of ideas, events and circumstances that all support a common goal or vision. Lotus petal, peace flags, artistic vision-- no surprise that this happened. Love your carving, the rough perfection of the outlines and how it takes the ink!

  11. wow! that turned out *really nice! :)


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