12 August 2012

autumn calls

with the kids all happily occupied yesterday (and out of the house), i was able to head down to the bench and lose myself for a stretch...

fold forming leaves is satisfying in and of itself;

but i had a bigger goal of making it through to applying patina as well...

autumn called - 

and i listened.

for in the midst of all the green that surrounds my home, there are red orange sassafras leaves that keep turning up at my door... yet when i look around i cannot locate their source... 

what you see here is 4 colors and a wash of golden shimmer -

and this is before sealing - sealing always makes the pieces more beautiful... it saturates through the patina down to the metal... but you have to wait 24 hours after applying the patina to seal it -

this red violet won't make itself as well known until tonight... 

until then i will just find something else to do...


  1. Beautiful! How satisfying it would be to see these beautiful leaves progress into their beautiful autumn colors--much like we watch the trees transform in cooler weather.

  2. pure perfection...
    and so in sync...
    with this morning being cool and a bit breezy...
    yes, fall..please come and stay awhile..

  3. Most Beautiful!
    We felt autumn in the air this weekend. The switch came quickly and by Tuesday it will switch back. Acorns are falling in the driveway already. I'm not eager to see the seasons change. For me, its been a glorious summer.
    xx, Carol

  4. Beautiful! I hear autumn calling as well with little tendrils of reds poking through the lush green that surrounds me.

  5. Yes - autumn is definitely calling - I felt it here yesterday as well - and you listened...
    You are such a master with patina - the leaves are so very beautiful!

  6. It is amazing to me how metal can so cleverly reflect nature. Leaves are so often a bit of this and a bit of that - and here your leaves are colouring up beautifully across the spectrum. It looks as if it was a satisfying day! We are heading towards spring again - this two hemisphere business is always fun to observe thru others' blogs...

  7. I love those reds and being able to follow your process a bit. You have a very special way with metal. As for autumn... I wish it were coming here too (Spain). We hit 46ÂșC last week, that's 115 F and believe me, summer is no fun when you feel as if you were living in an oven :)

  8. your posts are always like a haiku...with a few more syllables! i love the thought that these wisps of leaves are alighting on your doorstep almost as a secret gift from the wind.these are beautiful and i am thinking of fall too. enjoy the day, miss mj! erin

  9. all I can say is Yum! what fabulous colour! xx

  10. MJ-there is something centring to find time on ones hands and to create the things you love creating and to do it in sync with the movement of nature. Love forms and colours - you must have felt good after that stint at the bench. Go well. B

  11. They look so gorgeous...I keep wanting to try fold forming - but other things get in the way. And that patina is gorgeous.

  12. Fabulous you said yes they are:) I love Autumn.

  13. Gorgeous-- stunning-- beautiful---

  14. Stunning results, I can't wait to see them in jewelry!


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