24 December 2012

fill the hole with kindness and love

barbara bechtel and i were discussing a tragic event that happened in webster, ny today - 

she commented on how 'the world has a giant hole that needs filling.'

and she's right...

too many events leave us reeling and wondering what we can do.

for me, it all seems to come down to acting out of kindness, with love and peace. 

sounds so trite in a way, believing in the power of love -

but the older i get - the more tragic events, joyful events, meaningful events i experience or learn about - the simpler it all seems to become... 

be kind

live a loving life

be intentional - 

this doesn't mean it is easy to do - but that is why we get so many opportunities to practice, each and every day... 

let's fill the hole 

and allow our right actions and thoughts

to nurture, 

to encourage others to be accountable for their actions and thoughts

and create a beautiful web

one person at a time - 

in peace and love,

mary jane


  1. It's hard to keep believing (so to speak) when so many around us often seem determined to fight that positive change. All we can do is keep trying--no matter what.

    Peace & love to all who are determined to make change and an even larger share to those who keep fighting it; they need it even more.

  2. thank you for your wise words.

  3. Life is so different now than when I was a kid. Although the present young people probably count themselves lucky with all the gadgets today , I wonder how many of these young adults rolled down green grassy hills in the fading summer sun giggling with their best friends from the neighborhood. Living life is different from posting some version of life you would like others to believe exists from your iphone. Yes kindness, compassion reach out and connect in a meaningful way . xx

  4. I hope that can happen... times have definitely changed...sadly
    wishing you guys all the best...
    we had a beautiful white dusting today..,

  5. Thanks MJ it seems we all need to do a bit each day to fill that hole. What a wonderful image - to feel as if we are mending the spirit of the world a little bit at a time. Best wishes to you at Christmas and for a happy, safe and creative new year. F

  6. wonderful words for the season... and we should not forget, it are the small steps that count. everybody can make his contribution every day.
    i´m a teacher and recently decided to make some prayer flags with my pupils in the new year. i hope to make some samples over the vacation time (will show them on my blog). i can already hear the boys lamenting (stitching, eh?!)... but i want them to show that there are other things than their electronic toys;)

  7. Right on! I know we can count on you to lead the way! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas with your friends and family!

  8. I'll throw some love into the hole, so it can be part of the larger fabric of kindness. Wishing you the best, Mary Jane.

  9. Whenever the urge comes to feel down and pessimistic about the state of the world we live in-- and we certainly have ample reason to feel that way, especially this year-- I try to focus on all the creative, kind, compassionate people I know and believe that the world is made up of mostly these people, not the other kind. Just a riff on the "glass half full" idea but it works for me. So let's all celebrate the return of the light, as civilizations have done since the beginning and also that we have each other, like minds who wish for peace and kindness. Thank you, MJ!

  10. MJ - yes if we can all just do a little bit each day who knows what it will do to create a better place; and may we continue to encourage each other to take these little steps especially when times seem dark. Go well. B

  11. Hello Mary Jane - hope you and your family had a nice Christmas! You and Barbara have formed such a wonderful concept - to fill the hole with kindness. You are so right, not always easy to do but we are given so many chances every single day. May we all strive to fill the hole in 2013!

  12. Oh, let's....please. The solution is so clear in our lives, right?


  13. Hi Mary Jane -- your thoughts and words were especially meaningful to me as I travelled home to Rochester, NY to be with my family for the holidays. The events in Webster (a suburb of Rochester) captivated the news and was on the minds of everyone I spoke with. While still trying to digest such a horrific event, the outpouring of love, kindness, generosity, and the incredible support the community and fellow firefighters/police expressed was incredibly uplifting and helped to ease the sadness and dismay that had enveloped us all. So yes -- fill the hole with kindness. A wonderful concept to ponder, embrace, and live as we enter 2013.

  14. oh I so agree...being kind...not so hard... it is our essence, we just forget sometimes. May this New Year be one of realized dreams… even those we did not realize we were dreaming!

  15. Hi there Mary Jane.
    Just popped over to wish you and yours a healthy, happy new year.


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