25 March 2013

peace project

snowfall on flags

as some of you may know (and some of you may not), last year i became involved in an incredibly rewarding peace project with some friends. 

here's what it is all about - 

the international day of peace is celebrated on sept. 21st. with that goal date in mind, makers from all over the world created their interpretation(s) of a peace flag and shared it on the blog.

but it isn't just about the goal date - it's about your day-to-day experience.  and anyone can be a contributor.

and it isn't just about flags - it's about anything you want to share to propagate peace, kindness and understanding. we love to see how you express those ideas in your work.

and if you didn't see the work that was produced last year, i encourage you to have a look - it was inspiring and moving.

we would love to have you there in any capacity you are comfortable with - as a maker, a viewer, a writer, a reader - all are welcome and appreciated.

- photo by fiona dempster


  1. Check it out everyone. It was very special

  2. MJ - thanks - and so the planning and execution begins - how to create a tease out a little more peace this year. B

  3. Thanks MJ for getting folk rounded up again. As you say it's not just about the day - but, it was pretty special last year! Such a sense of connectedness across the world, shared joy and happiness and hope...thank you. We have just published the book about the flags we made here in Maleny - will post on it soon I hope!

  4. MJ-- I love the idea of the prayer flags-- if only I can find the time to make them!!

  5. Such a beautiful cause - and such a welcoming perspective - that people can share any method they choose to promote their wish for peace.


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