18 September 2013

work being finished for sept. 21

stamped discs - mjd 2013

the international day of peace approaches.

my plan was for a woven project,

but only metals could finish it off 

the way i saw it/heard it

in my head. 

the way prayer wheels are spun 

to carry the mantra out into the world,

i stamped each disc 

with something meaningful.

brass chimes - mjd 2013

i made small chimes

of shining brass 

and decided to give the elements 

a chance

of imparting their own patina.

woven peace flag - mjd 2013

a simple flag - 

with a bit of stitching

and an opening, 

that necessary opening,

to represent the wound

'where the light gets in'. 

thank you, rumi. 

the blog where projects will be shared

is as heartfelt and humble as they come. 

it isn't too late to join in

should you choose -

just send me an email 

and we'll get you set up.

or just stop in to see 

what talented souls

with peaceful hearts 

have made to honor the day.


  1. I love your little chimes--airy and delicate, a perfect compliment to your weaving! And I am happy to see you are back at your bench swinging a hammer, this must mean your recovery is progressing and you are feeling stronger! Hope it was very satisfying and you are feeling good.

  2. What wonderful little spinners you have created! I love the idea of the meaning on them and the spinning those good thoughts into space. I will wear my Nepal necklace from last year and spin my prayer wheel on it to send good blessings into the world. I am so happy to see you creating such a meaningful piece, as if there would be any other way with you! Enjoy the day, Miss Mary Jane! Erin

  3. MJ - love this work - small chimes - and it suggests that you have been able to do a bit of metal work - though not too much I hope. Look forward to seeing the finished work; and know it will ring peace quietly to the world. B

  4. oh the wound where the light gets in.. yes

  5. the wound where the light can come in ... yes


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