03 April 2014

mjd 2014 fragile strength talisman - connect

'earth is what we all have in common.'
wendell berry 

fertile earth
things that grow
precious stones
salty seas
and warm sunshine

all this we know.

if you are feeling disharmonious,
let the natural world
help to bring it back.

if you are in harmony,
share it
and return it to the source.


  1. thank you for the fresh breath of your words, miss maire. balm for the frazzled soul! enjoy the day. xo e

  2. A beautiful talisman. I am up to my eyeballs in papers. They are everywhere and I feel they might be multiplying. It makes me feel out of sync with my other more organized self. Thank you for your calming assurance that things will in time right themselves.

  3. That's an absolutely gorgeous necklace.

  4. the changing seasons are a gift. The garlic is coming up . so nice. xx

  5. Hi Mj - I agree - so often if one sits quietly in nature it works its magic of bringing us back to balance. B


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