26 April 2014

mjd 2014 - no act is too small

one small stitch at a time

makes for work that is intentional and time consuming 

in the best possible way. 

mjd 2014 - no act is too small

as makers we are gifted with the ability 

(with much practice and attention)

to speak our hearts and minds

through our willing hands.

mjd 2014 - no act is too small

how fortunate is that?

consider the strength of one stitch.
then consider the strength of many.

how much power resides
in each act of kindness,
each act of bravery (no matter how large or small),
each thought of gratitude,
each expression of love and compassion?

mjd 2014 - no act is too small

while one alone holds it's own integrity,
the accumulation over a lifetime can be staggering.

mjd 2014 - no act is too small

no act of kindness or generosity is insignificant. 


  1. What beautiful work, so intricate.

  2. MJ - amazing to see where you are taking your stitched work - and as you say each little bit adds to thew whole and none is insignificant. Go well - peace. B

  3. Kindness and generosity sing the world forward. What a beautiful idea for earrings !

  4. These are so cool....very unique.

  5. I love all of these fabric pieces. It inspires me to try my hand at it. Thanks for the inspiration!


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