10 April 2014

star stuff

in the 1970s, dr. carl sagan opened our minds to the fact that we are star stuff.
now, building upon the legacy of 'cosmos', dr. neil degrasse tyson explains how we are stardust and connected to all of the molecules and all of the atoms in the universe, including the ones that make up you.

this should take your breath away,
give your life a feeling of humbling magnitude,
you are gifted with being alive - 
right here, right now. 

and none of us knows for how long,
we are created equal in that respect. 

be mindful of wishing for the day to be over,
for thinking the weekend will bring you more joy.
joy is an attitude. 
(but when you do feel like that, and we all do at times,
just find something in those moments for which you are grateful.)

be aware of the love that is ever present,
that is available to us all.
the birds sing for us,
the sun shines and rain falls - 
breathe it in
give thanks,
then give something back.

the 'how' is your choice,
but the possibilities are endless. 

detail - reference to the fibonacci spiral 

it gets no better than that.


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  1. I'm guilty of wishing for the end of the day or weekend. But I always give thanks for the blessings I've been given. Thank you for these lovely words of wisdom.

  2. Oh Maire, your posts are so calm yet inspiring. You have a magical and evocative way.

  3. MJ - such a simple powerful word - the "how" is up to us. Sometimes it is hard to know, see, recognise that at each moment we can chose a different reality in a moment of mindfulness - often hard to do amidst such businesses and challenging options. Peace. B

  4. I feel at one with my garlic sprouting . a good start. xx


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