13 April 2015

mjd - release - stitched pouch/mat - 2015

our life is made up of moments,
ephemeral in nature.

but in the midst of them
they are as solid as stone.

each one adds
to the one before
creating a work 
of intricacy and depth.

each one holds 
its own significance
yet none 
should define you. 

with every breath 
you are new
and opportunity is reborn. 

learn to dwell 
in the present
in the presence
of all life's wonder. 


  1. MJ - so true - each moment is the only solid moment. Love the delicate work of the pouch-mat. Peace. B

  2. beautiful words! And what a beautiful pouch. I love how you've done the sticking on top- like a sun-burst! perfect for the words here. Thank you for sharing.


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