01 May 2015

in the rawness

mjd - be still/rawness - 2015

in the stillness,
hone your mind. 
know it,
understand how it works.

then immerse yourself 
in the rawness 
that is life. 

let the love that fills you
spill out

let it quench
parched hearts.

let it bring life
to seeds
that are dormant
from neglect.

mjd - be still/rawness - 2015


  1. from the rawness of life, go back to the stillness...
    magnificent. both writing and the necklaces. xo

  2. Your words always give me pause to think and to feel. Thank you!

  3. MJ - stillness is just so important; and yet often hard to achieve in this world of so much going on. Still it is something worth pursuing - i sometimes think I find it in the breath in doing the 5 rites - sometimes - not always. Peace. B


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