26 January 2017


mjdodd - simple truths - heal 2017

is warrior's work
but with all armor removed.

work for the brave
the trusting
the vulnerable.
to heal you have to give it all up - 
lay yourself bare
and step into what makes you

and while you may be supported,
the work is your own.

healing your wounds
brings strength

with healing,
your eyes look forward
your spine straightens
your gait becomes steady and sure.

wounds untended
weaken your body
your psyche
your heart.
herculean at times
though the effort may seem, 
liberation awaits.

i'll hold your hand
whisper encouragement
cheer you on,
but you alone
must heed the call.

the world is waiting for you
and your time here is unknown.
sweet, brave heart
enter the arena. 
it's time to become
all you were meant to be. 

1 comment:

  1. Exactly where I am at this moment. Being brave. Thank you!


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