13 January 2017

simple truths

'love' with rubellite

that all you need
to tend not just to your wounds
but those of others
is already within you. 

'heal' with labradorite

grow still
breathe deeply
sink into your depths
and expand into all. 

'be still' with indicolite

tap into the Love
and heal. 
use each word
each action
that comes from you 
to ease the pain of others. 

simple truths - mjd 2016
'be kind' with chrysoberyl

with that intention
yours too will gently
wash away. 

simple truths - mjd 2017
'release' with amethyst

simple truths - mjd 2017
'live' with carnelian


  1. Not sure how I missed this MJ - so timely and timeless. Simple truths of love and care and kindness...

  2. MJ - beautiful words, beautiful works. Go well. B


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