04 May 2009


'at times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.'
- albert schweitzer

no doubt, the appropriate way to begin this blog is to say 'thank you' - to family and friends who love and encourage and to the amazing artists i have met through etsy who have helped me to grow and create in ways that i didn't know i could...

since joining etsy and discovering the artists that dwell there, i have been more inspired than ever and pushed myself harder... and i am so happy for that... maybe it's because i feel like i know the people behind the art, so i feel more responsible to do their work justice with my work... there is a connection that exists when you purchase directly - even though your new friends are in other parts of the country or even canada... they have all been patient and kind when i shoot out my ideas and ask for custom orders - i thank you all for that...

i would like to mention in particular (but in no particular order!)

mak at MAKUstudio for her beautiful raku beads
beth at hintjewelry for her inspiring and eloquently created charms
cathy at cathydailey for her unique sterling components created in the art of lost wax casting
nicole at NValentineStudio for her incredible glass work - especially the goddesses!
rocki at RockisSupplies for her metal work providing ear wires and clasps that i choose not to work without
donna at purplepozies for her beautiful glass beads that i count on
maryann at LindenAvenueDesigns for glass offerings that support my eclectic nature
marie at BleuVerre for inspiration and unique glass beads that i count on for my funky days

so thank you one and all for helping me to do what i love ~ creating with pieces i love to touch and work with, pieces i can feel the hands and imagination of the artist in... i have a connection to the final designs when they are done for when i look at them, i think of each of you and how you helped to make it happen...


  1. My goodness, what a beautiful & thoughtful post! I'm very touched by your kindness and gratitude, truly I am.

    I'm happy to be just a small spark of your creative force, but you are the one who gives the flame life.

    I'm going to use that quote for my blog today - it's perfect.


  2. What a lovely post, thank you so much and you are welcome!

  3. You are so sweet Mary Jane! Thank you for the kind words! I am grateful for people like you who are inspired by my work! You truly mean a lot! You keep the fire going in all of us! Keep on creating beautiful pieces!

  4. What a nice post. We all have so much to be grateful for. I have found Etsy to be the center of some of the most wonderful people to do business with. I am an amateur that appreciates quality and the personal touch each seller I have dealt with has given me. I know Rocki, now I'll go and check out others you mention that I don't know.

    I love when Etsy sellers bring my attention to other shops. Rocki has been exceptional in this area and I have bought from several she introduced me to.

    Have a wonderful day and I am so glad that you are finding your nitch.

  5. Utterly precious! Another amazing quote to tuck away and savor when I am in need of connecting with feelings of gratitude. Many thanks for sharing your own burning flame of creativity :)

    P.S. hello lovely kittys...guardians of the home and watchers for us all

  6. thanks so much for sharing your comments... i just love this community!
    beth, these are 2 of my 5 kitties... the little one was found in the streets in december, so ill that he was unable to see or smell... draco, the white one, has become his feline nurturer and they are inseparable... when they sleep they look like a yin yang symbol!


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