29 June 2009

day of the moon

full moon mama - MOONbowARTworks

'someone's having a case of the mondays.' -
peter gibbons, office space

don't do that! monday is kind of a cool day - named after the moon in many countries, around 1000 AD the name originated in old english... mandag in norwegian (the only reason i am not giving it in other languages is because i don't know how to get the alphabets that have the proper accents, etc)... monday gets such a bad rap - beginning of the work and school week... i understand it, but it's kind of unfortunate...

so here comes the stream of consciousness thinking that makes my kids laugh... monday, moon day, moon... women are connected to the moon by its cyclical nature... luna is the greek & roman goddess of the moon... moonstone is considered to be a wonderful stone for women... and for men wanting to get in touch with their creative and emotional sides...

'i like to think that the moon is there even if i am not looking at it.'
- albert einstein

while it is so easy to take nature's incredible cycles for granted, try to be mindful... i read about an african tradition of giving thanks on the full moon and making wishes on the new moon... i try really hard to integrate that into our family's rituals... the full moon is also a good time for purging ceremonies as it sheds light on the things that are blocking us spiritually...

'three things cannot be long hidden:
the sun, the moon and the truth.'
- the buddha

so here's your chance to start a new ritual, a way to express your gratitude in an intimate and beautiful way... there's something special about the brightness of the full moon... and then you feel really proud when you remember the new moon - because it isn't something you can see... its mystery lies in its absence and potential to begin anew... (like monday - see, it's not so bad!)

july's full moon is called the full buck moon or the thunder moon ...
full moon occurs at 5:22am 7 july
new moon occurs at 10:35pm 21 july



  1. Love this post and so enjoy the quotes! I'm marking my calendar :)

  2. Great post. I love a full moon. Actually, I love any night sky.

  3. Wonderful post. I actually like Mondays. It is my day to start fresh in a new cycle of work/creativity. Interesting that the 21st is the new moon. I think special wishes on the new moon are in order!

  4. Great post, thanks for enlightening me.

  5. thanks so much! i just love feeling connected to the larger picture - it's so easy to miss it all...

  6. beautiful post. great cadence. :) Thanks for commenting on my blog. :)

  7. oooooh! I love your jewelry and all your wonderful writing. Keep it up, you are very talented!

  8. My husband's 60th birthday is on July 9. It is nice to know that we'll have nearly a full moon when we're floating in the pool that evening with our 24 year old and our 23 year old. I cherish every moment that we're together as a family. With our family maturing, you just never know how many more opportunities you'll have to be together like that. I'll also be thinking of you and your post!

  9. tam - i love your blog, it's such an upper! from the layout to the content...
    sheila, thank you ... your talent overflows!
    enjoy barbara! my kids are maturing as well - my daughter will be a senior next year filled with decisions... we are huge movie people and her little brother is already worrying about if she will be around for movie openings and her birthday! i'll wish for a beautiful night...


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