03 July 2009

your true nature

true to your nature

"if a Queen isn't meant to fly, why does she have wings?"
lessa, dragonflight

in anne mccaffrey's land of pern, certain humans are joined to dragons (this predates eragon by decades) communicating in unspoken form, sharing thoughts & emotions... lessa is new to this world and bonds with the golden dragon ramoth at the time of her hatching... lessa is told that Queens fly only to mate - and the strong lessa begins to change things which allow both she and her dragon to be true to their natures...

while we don't have wings, we each have other attributes that make us unique and special... that define us... people my lean on you for support, count upon you to help, look to you to lead...

i love hero's journey tales... the kind where some unassuming person - like frodo, harry potter, arthur, simba, dorothy - finds him/herself in a position where choices must be made and along the way they grow... i admire the hero... i love and find comfort in the wise one... but the hero couldn't achieve what he/she does without their most trusted allies, their best friends... one of my literary favorites is samwise gamgee from lotr... sam is a kind, unassuming hobbit who openly admits his fears... but he sticks with frodo to the bitter end, thru horror after horror, becoming a hero in his own right... sam would lay his life down for frodo, he is loyal and true... i think those are qualities we all strive to have and want from our friends... sam's nature is exponentially magnified and so his potential is reached...

'the only real failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows.'
- the buddha

this bracelet has beads in it that are certainly a tribute to their creators... a raku bead by mak has white crackle and golden glazes in addition to fine silver pmc... a ceramic bead by barbara lewis is layered in color then carved away to create pattern, texture and reveal the colors (and here, next to the dragon, i think the carving looks like something the talons could have done)... a green girl studios pewter dragonegg bead... gorgeous lampwork by mary ann at linden avenue designs... these beads were custom made after i went back into her sold items... they are called 'granite' and i love the way you question whether they are stone or glass... lots of bali silver, mykonos greek ceramic beads, two great silvered ivory glass spacers from donna at purplepozies, faceted feldspath and a snakeskin jasper drop at the clasp... this bracelet is earthy with color used to highlight that which is found in the glass & ceramic components...

'and i'll see your true colors shining through,
i see your true colors and that's why i love you.
so don't be afraid to let them show.
your true colors,
true colors,
are beautiful like a rainbow.'
- cyndi lauper


  1. OMG! what beautiful beads! especially the one with the dragon etched on it! i love your beads combination in both the pieces. fantasy-like, mystical and powerful all in one. WOW! and dragons and hobbits ... what more could you ask from a post! and i agree with you ... samwise gamgee rocks!

  2. luthien, this is actually the same bracelet, different sides... i love how the dragon egg can be a part of the whole but stand alone symbolically... i am a complete fantasy geek! love mythologies, etc too...
    and thank you cristi - i am so grateful to the artists that create the pieces i use! i cringe at the thought of doing this before the internet! i would have never found them - unthinkable...

  3. Mary Jane

    What I like about your beautiful designs is as you go from bead to bead it is like turning a corner and discovering a new vista, something that has to be investigated thoroughly.


  4. thank you mary ann, each bead definitely has its own personality, imbued by its creator... they stand alone as works of art, but together are so incredible! i absolutely love bringing them together... and i thank you for always affording me the opportunity to express myself by working with my custom orders... i think you are a bit of a chameleon like i am... and that's why i am able to do so much with your beautiful work...

  5. oh my! i didn't realize they were the same... cos they look so totally different from different angles. but i think you have a point there... the dragon bead stands alone so well that all you look at is IT in the first picture eventho you think you are looking at the whole. i think that's also why i didn't realize they were one and the same!

  6. great, mission accomplished... it's your own secret dragon!

  7. Beautiful words and design, so much depth and texture-in both. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Beuatiful, words, thought, and jewelry. I love the McCaffery's dragon flight books. Must dig them out and read them again for the umteenth time.

  9. thanks so much for stopping by...
    enjoy the return to pern!

  10. It's spectacular! Thank you for incorporating my raku and pmc bead! We love dragons in our home...especially my husband! We have one that visits on occasion!

  11. sa-weet! would love to know more about that... my daughter has a ceramic protective dragon over her bedroom doorway... your beads are always a pleasure to work with!

  12. Beautiful beads...wow...how wonderful!!


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