05 July 2009

nearing sunset

'if i have been of service,
if i have glimpsed more of the nature and essence of ultimate good,
if i am inspired to reach wider horizons of thought and action,
if i am at peace with myself, it has been a successful day.'
- alex noble

i keep a prism in my window so that each night as the sun begins its descent, a beautiful little spectrum travels across my kitchen... it ends up crossing my little jizo and kuan yin... this time of day holds its own magic...

'when i admire the wonders of a sunset or beauty of the moon,
my soul expands in the worship of the creator.'
- mohandas gandhi

i write this while my rambunctious neighbor of 7 yrs. old (this is said with love!) tears around the house with my 3 kids... attempting to write something short and testing my ability to be at peace in the middle of chaos... that is the goal, right?

the rainbow rising on 2 of my favorite material possessions is relaxing for me to watch... it means that the time is nearing for me to make my green tea, get the kids settled & get out my book (currently rereading 'the half-blood prince in anticipation of the movie's release)... jizo bodhisattva is the protector of travelers, women & children... i had always wanted one and recently found this little treasure at jizo's shop on etsy... i have had kuan yin for years & find peace and inspiration in her... she is the manifestation of Great Love & Great Compassion and can assume any form to free beings from suffering... i definitely subscribe to the dalai lama's belief that it is more important to be spiritual than religious... but while i may not worship these figures are they are revered elsewhere, it's nice to feel during challenging days and nights that they have my back...

what brings you peace?


  1. Lovely post. It is a good reminder to find quiet in the center of whatever is around you. I have a jizo that fits the palm of my hand that brings me peace when I hold him.

  2. Great post, as usual! I am also a non-religious but very spiritual person, and what brings me peace is being able to have time with my thoughts. I LOVE quiet time, and I love being in a quiet room with my journal and my pen and my thoughts.

  3. i definitely subscribe to the dalai lama's belief that it is more important to be spiritual than religious..

    I have never studied the Dalai Lams's writings, as I was raised Catholic. I left the religion for my own reasons, and find this line of your post interesting because it is my thought exactly.

    I am on a spiritual journey and have never been more at peace with myself. Please visit my blog today http://beadsandbirds.blogspot.com/

    This is the spot where I find comfort and one with the universe. One of my two safe havens. (The other is "My Room" where I explore creativity.)

    Wonderful post.

  4. wow! what can i say ... i'm never really a religious person but i strongly believe there is a greater force. kuan yin is very much revered by the chinese community in my country and so is the dalai lama. my dad actually had the opportunity to shake hands with the man himself! the beautiful rainbow falling on the jizo and kuan yin is so totally serene and brings to the room a mystical feel ( i should think) cos whenever i see rainbows in my crystals, i get this feeling.

    half blood prince ... yes... i'm in anticipation of the movie :)
    peace and hugs :)

  5. so glad this is striking a common chord... luthien, what an incredibly lucky man your dad is! i was really lucky and heard the dalai lama speak at rutgers a couple of years ago... took 4 generations of my family to it...
    the tiny rainbow is really calming to watch... carol, going to read your blog now...
    execumama, i revere quiet time... sometimes when it is busy, i get quiet and then i have everyone asking me what's wrong! nothing wrong, just finding some inner peace!
    leann - the ultimate test, for sure... i was once comforted by reading how meditation, yoga, etc all are called practices - it is work for everyone...


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