08 July 2009


'every child is an artist. the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.'
- pablo picasso

our family has had reason over the past 10 years to spend a good deal of time at the children's hospital of philadelphia... and the end is not in sight... but that's ok and another story!

there is a huge list of things i love about chop - but i wanted to share these 'artlings' that were created from the drawings of kids being cared for in the oncology wing... they hang in the windows overlooking the atrium... and i love them... it must have been so wonderful for these kids to see their drawings become 3 dimensional... besides being cute, they reinforce to those who walk the halls that each bed, each appointment is filled by a living, breathing child... with a family... with joy and fear and sometimes pain... with an imagination, hopes and dreams... and who, illness aside, is just a kid...

'art does not reproduce what we see; rather, it makes us see.'
- paul klee

'free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world.'
- maria montessori

to watch the video of karen lefebvre-christou, the incredible woman making this happen, go to http://art2love.wordpress.com ...


  1. OMG!! these are sooo cool! the drawings and the realizations... and the lady who makes them 3D should be given a noble prize and big giant hugs! i'm so touched i'm about to cry!

  2. that's very cool, bless them.

  3. they are so cool, right? i love them and had to take pics yesterday to show everyone...

  4. I am so tearing up at this! Not only to realize that they are artists, but the inspiration behind the 3D versions must be amazing for those kids and those families. My friend owns an art studio and she says that "Art Saves Lives" and I do believe that your story illustrattes that so well. Thank you for sharing your inspiration today! Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. i think that in the midst of the chaos and fear of serious illness, this is so especially magical... a beacon of light that recognizes the childrens' uniqueness and makes it come to life for all to see... thanks, erin...

  6. How very inspiring and what a nice gift you have given us today...thank you!

  7. I think these are the epitome of art, pure, and unfiltered. In answer to your question on your last post, posts like this and your last one bring me peace, to know someone cares, or is trying.
    I have seen your icon on a lot of the blogs that I visit, and have been meaning to get over here! Your pieces are beautiful, and the way I have seen you express yourself portrays inner beauty also. I will be back to visit again.

  8. stacie, thanks - i am always inspired when i see how much is being done for the kids emotionally as well as physically there...
    and sharon, i am glad you responded to these as i did... thank you for taking the time to come by my blog... will do the same... and thanks for the encouragement!

  9. so beautiful! Kids are is the best! love it.


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