22 August 2009

all i know, all i know...

'...love will save the day'
- des'ree

'love is my religion.'- i have been ruminating over this sentiment written by tamekah & then reinforced by beth in the comments of that post... i have had ziggy marley singing in my head as well as des'ree... it's been nice, & expansive for my soul...

i think it is very easy to fall into thinking about love in solely the romantic sense... if that's not working out for you, & your heart is feeling a bit battered, it can taint your thinking... step back - i am surrounded by love... love of & for family and friends, love for humanity and the opportunity we have each day to make a difference... love for the creatures we share this planet with and love for the flora that also find their home here... i am a bona fide tree lover and i say that without shame!

i have been playing around with copper and trying to do more with it, as you know... having never been a 'heart' person, this is new and fun for me... i used a porcelain heart charm from nancy at round rabbit and made my own word charms - i love the way they sound when they touch, it's like music, a soft tinkling... then there are beautiful beads from bleu verre, maku studios, jubilee & linden avenue designs... the glowing labradorite dangle at the closure shares company with an open hand... keeping your hand open to both give and receive...

truly what else is there? what is the root of compassion, sympathy, forgiveness, charity? love... what are more songs, poems & plot lines for books, plays, movies about than anything else? love...

some people are easy to love, some more difficult... some you want to love up close and some we love from a distance... but we keep on because we need to & without it, no peace is possible...


  1. Each one of your pieces really has a story to tell. I like that! This bracelet is earthy and natural but has it's own shine to it. Wonderful!

  2. Lovely bracelet!! What do we need to be able to live? Air, water, food, but above all, love. Without it, maybe the body can survive, but not the soul.

  3. You are so correct Marie, we are constantly reminded of romantic love as it is so heavily marketed in our media, but their is so many other types of love available that we could literally fix every ill in life by radiating love from our heart center.

  4. thank you leslie...
    renate & mountaindreamers (i am sorry i don't know your name) - yes, yes, yes... i feel like such a dope bringing my brain around to the universal truth... great point about the marketing of love - you are quite right...

  5. "some you want to love up close and some we love from a distance..." For the win!

    In my early years as a yogi, I could not understand how all of this love was supposed to happen with some of the people in my life. And admittedly, WHY this love was supposed to happen.The latter was easier to answer as I grew, but the former-I still struggle with; lucky for me, yoga is a practice. Even in my small nuclear family we have gone through phases where distant, peaceful, loving energies were needed; raising a teen, contemplating divorce(2003), understanding a loved one with depression-these were all times when we felt the depth and breadth of our love was best doled out from a safe distance, for all of us. The root of compassion is love but the basis by which we maintain our sanity and continue to practice love as a religion takes discipline.

    Beautiful piece.

  6. Hi Marie, totally cool about the birthday thing, I too love copper and turquoise together , I think it makes the turquoise feel a mother place. The practice of loving all in creation is always a challenge. With unconditional love it more so, because some days I have a hard time loving certain groups of bad behaviors. But the more your read the words of the Buddha, Tich N. Hahn, the Dali Lama, and the Christ , the essence is to Love , if you sit and just radiate this from your 4th chakra it makes you all tingly. Have you ever read " The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East" ? It is truly fascinating. Did I mention I am consumed with the Himalayas? ; ) Laura

  7. That quote gave me shivers when I read it again. It could be trite but it just came from such an honest and beautiful place, that it goes right to the core. Thanks for shedding more light on it. The other day when I was writing about how every word was sacred I may have been influenced by this same thought. This sense that no matter what is happening you can zoom down into that core seed of love...unquestionably it's always there.

    I'm enjoying thinking about the tinkling sounds and how you bring music into your jewelry!

  8. thank you so much, tamekah... and ever so true about the necessity of daily practice in maintaining the accessibility of our core center of love... i love hearing about your journey...
    laura, thanks for coming back... i tend to be a more spiritual vs. religious person too, and find great inspiration from those that you mentioned... i have not read that book, have to look into it!
    and beth - it is a significant statement, yes? probably why i couldn't let it go and i do see how it affected you in your post as well... i guess another reason why the practice is important - if you lose touch with your core and build up all kinds of unhealthy defenses around it, you don't come from an honest place anymore...

  9. Wow Maire! I love your new bracelet! And thanks so much for sharing the story! :) I never liked that song much till I read your story- then it gave me goose bumps! Of course we all know how important love is, but it's so good to stop and really think on it once in a while and BE love.
    Blessings! Cindy

  10. cindy, thank you - and you are right about
    BEing love... now if only everyone tried to do that at once........

  11. Maire, my sweet friend! Absolutely beautiful work and post! I couldn't agree more, as you know.

    I'm so happy to be back from vacation and catching up with all my favorite blogs!


  12. Maire
    Funny, I rarely think of romantic love. For me romance is romance and can come with that kind of love. My love is mellow for my husband, my family and the earth and all that walks it. I see that peace cannot come without caring, not necessarily love.

    So, after telling you all that, I love the copper work that you are doing. Copper is my favorite metal and its hard not to like and admire anything made of it.


  13. thank you rocki! it's so nice to have you back! xo

    and thank you carol - thanks for your comment... i guess i mean it's more of a love that emanates from you allowing you to be connected and caring...
    i am loving copper too - esp. antiqued... am enjoying learning how to work with it and pushing myself to try new things...

  14. One of the best things about being alive today as a woman is the gift of education. What gratitude for that ! The privelege of being able to choose and read the inspiring words of masters past, and deriving daily that sweet groundednes that feeds our spirituality. Then we can truly radiate love and nourishment to our surrounding families and community.

  15. I love the bracelet Mary Jane. The heart and soul that you put into your creations and the love that you have in making them impregnates each piece you make. I'm sure that the lucky ones that own and wear one of them can feel the love and serenity that rediates form them. ;)

  16. thank you so much for that, marie! that means so much ~


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