18 August 2009

'breathe' made manifest

a follow up to my last post ~ and for the wonderful comments received, i thank you...

one always feels better when something gets done after a hiatus of creating ~ am i right? you wonder if all inspiration has deserted you... it's there, just needs the opportunity, i guess...

here's how i used the tiny little charm that kept me centered... it keeps wonderful company with a stoneware link from mellisa at chinook jewelry designs, four different lampwork glass beads from mary ann at linden avenue designs & an ivory glass bead from cate at zippybeads... united with copper chain and wire that i antiqued to soften the effect... paddled headpins were made because i felt they had better 'flow' with their unbroken line... earthy, rustic, understated, natural - just like breathing...

thich nhat hanh, the vietnamese buddhist monk, teaches a practice of mindful breathing and has a meditation poem to go along with it...

in, out
deep, slow
calm, ease
smile, release
present moment, wonderful moment


  1. I find that the act of mindful breathing, just a slow and deliberate in and out, clears me and cleanses my thoughts. So I think this is an especially nice talisman type of bracelet to remind one to 'breathe' The design is lovely and quiet. It could almost be a string of prayer beads.

  2. That piece is so lovely and relaxing to look at. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It is a lovely bracelet....love the colors you used.

  4. Thank you for this moment of calm and peace Maire, reading you and looking at your jewelry is one of those moment of grace.

    As Judy, i love the colors you used, so pure and elegant.

    By the way, thank you too for the comment on my Flick gallery, as you asked me, i find my ceramic beads from an handmade artisan on a market near my home.

  5. lovely lovely lovely!! what a beautiful piece ... in all of my favorite colors!! so calming to look at too!

  6. It's fantastic, you really elevated that little stoneware charm :) I think it's a bracelet that could be worn with so many things, super versatile.

  7. leann, what a wonderful way to view it, thank you...
    and thanks for the comments on the color scheme and overall feel - it was a nice mellow one to make - without being boring, i hope!
    mellisa - love working with your creations! and thanks...

  8. loooove that bracelet, that charm is beautiful. the colors are so lovely.

  9. beautiful and the colors are calming!


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