09 September 2009

(almost) reckless abandon

'8 days a week, i lo-o-o-o-ove you...'
that was me - singing to the beatles rock band...
just in case you didn't know, that came out today... i thought they should have it as we didn't go anywhere this summer or really do anything... the kids didn't complain... and so they have been waiting for it... i like this music... and my kids have come to as well... for all of the complaints about video games, one of the things i like about the music games is that my kids know songs (and like them) from the 60s, 70s & 80s... & they play together... truth -  metallica was grinding on my last nerve... i would bite and all but swallow my tongue so that they could play, knowing that just because i didn't like it didn't mean they shouldn't play it... 
but the beatles? that i can handle... it may even make a nice backdrop to creating... if i can get away from the microphone... i am a very shy person - and a bit on the serious side - i am sure you couldn't have figured that out! :o) but the kids insisted that i play... after beginning my 'but i have to...' list, i stopped... and i played... i didn't pick the mic because i am good... i picked it because i would have made them fail if i were to have used an instrument... and because i could actually help them get points because i knew the songs!
and i had fun! it has been a long time since i have done anything like this... things around here can be kind of serious so i feel like i am usually in vigilant mode... and it was nice... i haven't always been like this, it kind of happened...

the game progresses in chronological order - and you have to complete set lists... we got to 1965 (my birth year)... and there is so much great music to come! i am excited - and i have a show saturday - yikes! but it will work out... it always does ~
i highly recommend this game...


  1. "and with a love like that, you know you should be glad..."

  2. I am a 40's something child and I have my mum's collection of Beatles records - she loved them
    Yeah... yeah... yeahhhhh

  3. am completely breaking my 'no video games before school rule' and let my 13 yr old play 2 songs before the bus (he got himself up at 5:45)... he's ready! 'octopus's garden & with a little help from my friends'... how can i argue with that? :o) i have been thinking for 2 weeks how to work some of this fun into my jewelry!

  4. hey maire :)
    got an award for you at my blog ;)

  5. So funny...I'm enjoying your archives...my house is full of Rockband sounds, my 21 yr old wants the beatles game. Mostly I hear a lot of rock and metal (or just a lot of 'tock-tock' if someone is playing with the headset on). I haven't tried singing, though ;-), might be fun if they'd let me lol.


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