10 September 2009

new things...

'all life is an experiment.
the more experiments you make the better.
~ ralph waldo emerson
i can work with that! 
while i do not usually work with crystals, when i do shows i have noticed that they can draw people to a table... the sun sparkles off of them and people come... 
but i wanted to go at it a bit differently... the book 'a charming exchange' by kelly snelling and ruth rae was recommended to me and i cannot put it down... i want to try everything at once, but am trying to be practical... i adapted this link into an earring... and started with copper so as not to waste sterling... the swarovski colors are copper, brandy and chili pepper... i thought they stood out nicely against the antiqued metals - vintaj and copper...
hopefully will be trying silver this afternoon ... with some lapis or turquoise maybe!


  1. what a clever photo!! I love crystals too and have a whole stash that just sit and sparkle.

  2. These earrings are just beautiful - and I recognized that link immediately! How clever to convert it into an earring!!

  3. I love the design of these!!! I'm not a crystal wearing type of girl - but these I'd wear when I had to get dressed up for sure! Love the photo too!!!

  4. thank you guys... i am not a crystal person at all, but like i said, it tends to be what a significant group of people are looking for at shows... so i try to diversify my offerings... did my best to give the crystal a rustic edge...

  5. Beautiful and a wonderful combination with the copper. While I don't normally think of you as a crystal person, these are so brilliantly consistent with your style.

    I find people attracted to bright shiny things at market too. So I generally have bright shiny colourful things up front, even though that isn't a normal way for me to work.

  6. I love the earrings AND the way you photographed them!

  7. I agree. The crystals usually excite people when they see that sparkle. I really like how these are made. Not in your face sparkly, just a nice shine. All the colors compliment each other very well. Bravo!

  8. Really lovely design. You might also like the new book by Sharilyn Miller, Contemporary Copper Designs. I cannot put that one down!
    I use crystals but mainly for accents. And I know that people are looking for that too...so I have to please them sometimes!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Enjoy the day!

  9. thank you all so very much... one thing that is irking me about the crystal is that i only had the one shape and size in those colors - no variety... if they don't sell, i will rework them...
    erin, thanks for the book recommendation! am guessing that one will be filled with post-its too?!! :o)


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