11 September 2009

music is what feelings sound like ~

art is what feelings look like~

& when they 'come together'... (couldn't resist!)

i usually work in silence... i enjoy it, as it is a rare commodity in my home... but as you know from my blog, the beatles have been hangin' round here... and i like it! i really only take pics by natural light & today it was pouring... so the photos aren't the best...  but...

this necklace is called 'let it be'...
'whisper words of wisdom, let it be.'
a really fun necklace for me to make... sterling, copper & vintaj brass... rustic glass seed beads, a beautiful lampwork bead from bleu verre ... i stamped, hammered, wrapped, punched and antiqued the morning away... it is so rewarding to do a lot of this myself... the lotus flower, leaf & lapis are reminders and symbols of self-awareness, inner truth, the beauty of life and love... 
these earrings are called 'you say you want a revolution'...

'you tell me it's the institution,
well you know
you better free your mind instead.'
these are a sterling version of the ones in the last post... 

'while my guitar gently weeps'...
'with every mistake we must surely be learning.'
a copper drop with blue/green lampwork glass beads... they reminded me of drops of water or tears for all that is done in ignorance and hate... 
'the distressed feminine'... distressed - you get that part, hammered, antiqued... some bumps and bruises... aged to a fine patina... imperfectly perfect (aren't we?)... the pink beads do not match, are softly etched & are from mika at pinocean...and are a loose interpretation on the feminine symbol...
would love to work more but have misplaced my business cards for tomorrow and now i have to find them! yikes - oh yeah, and the kids are home from school! have to do the mom-thing!
enjoy your friday... 


  1. Gorgeous,gorgeous....each and every one of them!

  2. Love the quotes, so true, thanks for stopping by the blog ; ) Love your your earrings!

  3. I really love the multicolored earrings, they look so fun (great title for them as well!)

  4. All these pieces are just great! The necklace is my favorite! And BTW, I love the jeans as a backdrop!!! ;)

  5. YOU had a productive day...winners each one! Love your work!

  6. wow!! they are all just soooo beautiful!! i'm so totally inspired but them! wish i could come up with things like that!


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