23 September 2009


'remember there's no such thing as 
a small act of kindness.
every act creates a ripple
with no logical end.'
- scott adams

this necklace was created with a set of beads from pinocean in gemstone colors... i chose to accent them with sodalite, apatite, lapis & labradorite... there are different kinds of rings & circles in the design which hopefully creates a nice flow... 3 metals in antiqued finishes... 

the companion earrings in apatite with deep blue glass... i like these kind of shots to show how mika's glass really glows from within... meant to be edgy - as comfortably worn with jeans & a tee shirt as dressier garb...

you smile or hold the door or say thank you to someone, and maybe they do it for someone else...  and so on, and so on... 


  1. I like the blue jean prop you've been using. All these current creations go so well with a pair of nice worn jeans and a white tee. :)

  2. Love your necklace and its nice flow. The wonderful pair of earrings, is so elegant in fact with a jean or a lovely dress.


  3. thank you guys!
    i am loving working with the jeans... so many parts of it to play with! shadows and folds, copper rivets, frayed edges! and you are right, it does kind of show how the jewelry can be casual as well! my 'uniform' is jeans and a t shirt... :0)

  4. Marie.. we love your work.. UNIQUE.
    have a wonderful weekend
    mona & the girls

  5. Beautiful quote (and so true), beautiful piece!


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