25 September 2009


dictionary defintion: a piece of broken pottery, especially one found in an archaeological dig...
our definition: beautiful pieces of glazed porcelain or chocolate clay made by marsha neal...

she is having a september challenge to see how they were used, you can read all about it here...

at beadfest in philly i had the pleasure of meeting marsha... i got a centered hole shard and a few dangling ones... the word 'shard' takes me to a book i read called 'a single shard'... as an adult, i sometimes read coming-of-age books... and this is one of them... the word represents hope, courage, perseverance & growth to me ... so besides the pieces being so challenging design-wise, they evoke a powerful message...

marsha would also like to raise money to make a dedication for her mom at the tri-state bird rescue... the first shard i used in that vein, drawing on the emily dickinson poem 'hope'...
'hope is the thing with feathers
that perches in the soul,
and sings the tune without the words
and never stops at all.'

it is not yet finished, but i knew exactly how i wanted to set up the pendant...


 in this necklace i used pietersite and something my bead shop calls teal paisley - must be a composite... warm colors, varied textures are meant to surround the shard but not overwhelm it... 

the swirling in the clay makes me think of centering pots - when it is wet and malleable... how you yourself have to find quiet (or at least i do) and focus, or become centered, before you can ask the clay and wheel to cooperate and do the same... i think it's such a neat process... the potter who taught me said that if she became president, she would give everyone a lump of clay... i got that - it is relaxing to work with... not a bad idea!

if you are in my area, i will be at the hoboken art & music festival on sunday between 11 and 6...


  1. The pendant is a perfect expression of the poem. So nicely balanced. I love the mix of materials in your shard necklace. Good luck at the festival!

  2. These are both VERY beautiful...as is the meaning! Love them, and the warm colors. As LeAnn says, good luck with the show!

  3. i love "our" definition of shards :)
    the pieces are lovely!! is it just me (?) cos i've noticed that you've been creating deeper chocolate (in general deeper rustic) jewelry lately ... and they are all amazingly eclectic, tribal and mystical ... love all your latest stuff :)

  4. Those are really quite lovely. The warm colors and the feel that these things were collected over time and are now unearthed is so appealing. Thanks for sharing your inspiration! Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. You are quite the poet through your words and your jewelry composition. I am really delighted to be getting to know you through your work and blog... Thank you for your support (I'll be getting more info up on my mom's blog about donations and raising monies for the room dedication).

  6. Maire, your jewelry work is amazing! I've missed a whole week of posts here! OM! Wow- that's all I can say! I love your style and how you put things together. You have a style all your own and it is spectacular!

    I do wish you lived near- so you could come over and make jewelry with me and some of what you have would rub off on me! :)

    Have a wonderful, creative day! Cindy

  7. thank you so much leann,sharon, luthien, erin, marsha & cindy - really... as i learn how to do things myself i think i am coming closer to finding 'my' style... although i will always be a bit of a chameleon... it's nice to feel that way though... and i find that i am having trouble sleeping because my mind isn't stopping... but i am sure that has a lot to do with sunday!
    and marsha, anything we can do to help make that happen, will be done!

  8. Love the warm browns in both the pieces. Perfect for the autumn weather soon to arrive.


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