28 September 2009

warm spots on a rainy day

hoboken, 27 september 2009, was wet... very, very wet!

the festival ran from 11-6... there were people in the streets - with umbrellas and wellies... but i had to wonder if they were just the city's residents popping out for food so they didn't have to cook on sunday! which i cannot say i blame them for as i would have done the same thing... i myself had an awesome crystallized ginger scone from an organic bakery... and em found some fried raviolis...

i was fortunate to have my own sunshine with me - my 17-yr.-old daughter and friend - and we had a great time people watching... i thanked her for sticking out a yucky day with me - a sunday no less, and a long one... 

sales were between a slow down and dead stop...

'while we try to teach our children all about life.
our children teach us what life is all about.'

aside from em, one other little person absolutely made my day... a not-more-than-6 yr. old little boy whose face just cleared the table wandered up holding his mother's hand... he started looking for red & told me it was his mother's favorite color... i learned that his favorite color was green & he showed me his shirt beneath his rain coat... he pointed out that his mom was wearing one too... he was adamant about wanting his mother to have something... and asked me to put a bracelet aside for her while they went to get food... 'will you hold onto this for my mom?' awww! i mouthed to her not to worry about it or feel obligated as i assured him i would do as he asked... really, i didn't expect to see them again...  you know how it goes... but wouldn't you know that at the end of the day, he comes back with his whole family... 'i am back to get my mom a bracelet, she needs one.' ... so mom gets to choose the bracelet she likes and we show him how it has green in it... dad gave him the money to pay me... and he was so content... that little boy almost had me in tears with the sincerity he showed in wanting to give his mom something, you could tell he adored her... 
having a $ successful show is always nice... but the moments where you connect with strangers, or see joy in someone's face because they have purchased a gift are so special... 

despite the damp chill and drops on my head - i had my warm fuzzies for the day... oh, and the lighting allowed me to take a pic of a necklace i made with one of leann's copper pmc charms! emily has on a koi fish brass one... 

hope your weekend was great... 


  1. MJ, too bad it was raining! But I know what you mean about the special moments that make it all worthwhile. We do a monthly market here, and Peter always goes with me. It's a lovely way to spend the day with him. But the best parts are the special interactions and stories of the people who come.

    I love the lotus necklace! I especially like the chain and leather idea. It's fantastic to see one of these little charms in a piece. You really elevated the lotus far above it's humble origins!

  2. Hi MJ! I am so glad there was a silver lining to your day ...I would classify that as a "something good" moment.
    And I haven't forgotten about you! Dear daughter Olivia whipped up your prize...it is her mum that is holding up the train! Soon! Watch for it soon!
    Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. What a lovely story...I bet the girls are mad about that "little man"! Great necklace!

  4. Sorry about the weather, but what a happy ending. I'm glad you had a nice time with your daughter, I have a blast whenever Yael and I head out and about...she sees the world through such a fresh lens that I feel renewed just being along for the ride...or walk.

  5. oh that is such a sweet story!

  6. he was just the cutest thing! of course, after they walked away i looked at em and said, 'i should have taken their picture'... to which she agreed... i think i just love seeing when someone wants so much to do something for someone else...
    i adore my time with my daughter... do i miss her being small? sure... but we do things now that are really special... and i wouldn't trade that for the world... like you said, tamekah, she brings a fresh lens...

  7. I think that encounter alone would have made for a successful show, right? What a little sweetheart he was!

    Although it wasn't ideal weather for a show, I'm so envious of your rain...we could sure use some of it here!

  8. mellisa - you guys get so little of it... my brother has a dog who won't go out if it rains! he just holds it and waits it out... and he was so cute... i could kick myself for not getting his picture!

  9. Your little visitor sounded so sweet and sincere. I almost cried reading about it. Kids can be so genuine and honest. It's refreshing to see the world through their eyes. Why can't we all stay small?

  10. Sorry the weather was so poopy! But what a sweet story about the little boy wanting a piece for his mother. Ahh, children can bring such joy!

  11. That is such a cute story! I can only imagine how happy his Mommy was.


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