29 September 2009


 'africa is bursting into flames
while we all stand around with watering cans.'
- bono

these hammered earrings have a double meaning... hammered as in the literal hammered sterling and copper wires... but also as in hamme(red), as in product (red)... this campaign was designed to use our purchasing power to raise monies to help eliminate aids in africa... money you would spend on an ipod, itunes gift card, t-shirts, cards, converse, etc anyway can go towards this wonderful program if you just pick a certain version/model... i love my red ipod and have lots of gap tees... i get cards from hallmark... it was kind of a big deal when it started... bono was on oprah to launch it... 

i know that so many things come and go as fads... i really just had such high hopes that this would stay big for a LONG time - not a fad... but a way to put consumerism to good use... the premise was sound, helping was easy... it requires one to make conscientious choices...  
let the businesses like gap and hallmark, apple and converse know that you care and want these products to be available... 

so even if you don't wear red, wear (red)!


  1. thanks for the heads up! i've joined and i will blog about this too!

  2. thanks for bringing attention to this important issue, and for visiting my blog ; )

  3. Great post, and those earrings are Supa F-L-Y, Mama! I've joined the campaign and I thank you for the information (and inspiration)!

  4. thank you guys - this campaign is just so important to me... i come from the generation of live aid, the anti-apartheid song 'sun city', etc... i just think it is such a practical way to be able to help... it would make me sad if it fizzled out...
    glad you like the earrings millie and akilah!

  5. MJ, thanks for the reminder of this important issue. I have a friend who is the director of an CDC assisted AIDS program in Africa. And from his accounts, only small progress, in very small ways have been made. But it is still very much an epidemic. It is a horrible lapse of our collective conscience here that we've left Africa behind while we have had relative sucess here. The earings are beautiful and once again filled with such good intent.


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