03 October 2009


the new jersey zombie walk will take place today in asbury park... my daughter wants to be a prosthetic make up artist & so she is already there, watching a professional create undead effects... they are at the old carousel house... the 11-yr-old is going later... and to kick off the weekend, she and i saw 'zombieland' last night... if you can stand zombie effects, it really is funny...

i am going to take lots of pics later - but the plan is, at 5pm, the legions will gather in the old casino and spill out onto the boardwalk... dragging around town together during the city's first saturday night monthly celebration... this is the asbury park of bruce springsteen where madame marie's booth still stands - though she has passed - & the stone pony... where the morro castle beached, where rum runners came ashore...

this town is a bit like a phoenix... presidents went on holiday here in its heyday... and i grew up on these boards... for almost 2 decades the decline was severe... but it's coming back... with a real artistic edge... artists of all sorts... writers in the stephen crane house, visual art, theatrical... i have mentioned in the past that my daughter interned at a glass blowing studio on the boardwalk here this summer ... & while the rides are gone, there is a cultural center that is rich and creates excitement... i admire the dedication of those working so hard to make this happen... and so we participate however we can...

so if you are in nj - you may want to drop in... but watch out for zombies!


  1. thanks! we did - pics to follow...

  2. Fun! Can't wait to see the pics! :)

  3. i am just going thru them now! will post in morning - long day! thanks -

  4. I too can't wait to see those pics. I love this time of year and all of the Halloween inspired festivities. I also think it is wonderful that you are there to experience a community revival, especially in the arts.


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