04 October 2009

remember - it's all fake ! :0)

'the job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery.'
- sir francis bacon 

mission accomplished!

so as i mentioned yesterday, the nj zombie walk was held in asbury park... a city very near and dear to my heart that is experiencing a cultural revival...

base camp was in the old carousel house where at the city's lowest point the full sized horses were auctioned off...  early in the day they had tony mandile, a professional demonstration & brian keene who writes for marvel and dc... this is what emily wants to do for a living - prosthetic make up... so she was there for all of it... i brought the little one around 3 (yes, the little one, because as anyone knows the little ones worship the big ones) to get his makeup done... i paid for professional make up so i could see it for myself and duplicate at halloween... 

the artists were full out ready and each represented their interpretation of what a zombie looks like...


i am not a horror movie person, i did my time with that as a teen and early twenty something... for emily i have seen 'sweeney todd' because we love tim burton and the actors he works with and 'zombieland' ... i was wondering yesterday how many people went to the movies that night in costume!

this is the old casino where at 5pm the zombies all gathered...

these are my zombies!


they guess-timated that there were 1000 participants...

my 'celebrity' moment - these guys are one the front page of the website... 
i was so excited - they look so real, don't they?

the zombies walked down the boardwalk and then
out into the town... 
tired zombies! and hungry - but not for brains! :0)

october is my favorite month, halloween my favorite holiday - there are no expectations except to  have fun... and so it begins ~


  1. I am always amazed at what can be accomplished in changing someone just with a "little" makeup!! Awesome!

  2. it is so very true... very interesting to watch the make up as it happened...

  3. how fun! great makeup!
    i am particpating in a "Thriller" zombie dance in a couple of weeks as part of Thrill The World 2009 to bring awareness of the harm plastic trash brings to our marine animals.
    your pictures have given me some great ideas.
    oh and i saw zombieland last night, it was awesome!

  4. wasn't it a great film?
    for my son's makeup, she used liquid latex, fixative, the bruise makeup color palette, and bloody scab... the fixative, when applied as a swipe, puckers the skin and gives a gash effect - then you paint it over with the red... that is on his forehead and neck... the open wound was created with liquid latex... once it dries, you pull at it & open it up in different spots... that gives the opened skin effect - i wish i were nearer to you, would love to do your makeup! :0)

  5. thanks so much for your tips! i will definitely use them!

  6. That looks like so much fun! My son is now ready to move to NJ! Lombieland looks hysterical! Can't wait!

  7. Wonderful fun Maire! I love zombies! They are one of my favorite type scary movies to watch. Cause they aren't so scary- really. But fun! :) Your zombies look great! I bet you guys had a great time! And how cool that your "zombies" will still hang out with you and they are not being forced to! LOL! You know what I mean! You must be a cool mom! :)

  8. Their make-up looks great! So cool to see everyone dressed up like Zombies. My hubby does a huge zombie walk here and they won the Guinness World record last year but I heard some other country stole the title recently. Darn! Oh, and he's a big Brian Keene fan too.

  9. this is so awesome!! way better than a renn faire. i would love to stump around like a zombie!


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