05 October 2009

new blogger & zombie walk update -

'there are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children.
one is roots; the other, wings.'
-hodding carter

my daughter emily has started her own blog - she is a free spirited creative writer with an inherited tendency toward the sarcastic... and, as tamekah once commented on a post here, kids see the world through a fresh lens... it's thought provoking, refreshing, sweet and challenging... everything they are supposed to be! she is also a cinema & literary fiend... a child i am very proud to be able to call my own... 

also, nj zombie walk is estimating at upwards of 1500 participants in the lurch through asbury... we are already psyched for next year! oh, & i thought you would probably appreciate this, while watching 'zombieland' i was figuring out how to make woody harrelson's turquoise necklace - geek!!


  1. hee hee, I noticed Woody's necklace too!

  2. Looks like some people are having way too much fun!


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