07 October 2009

flaming color

'october's poplars are flaming torches lighting the way to winter.'
~ nova blair

'autumn burned brightly, a running flame through the mountains,
a torch flung to the trees.'
~ faith baldwin

every one has a strength, something they do exceptionally well - i really feel that erin at every heart crafts has the market on leaves... it took me so long to get one because i just could not decide which color i wanted to work with... & when it arrived i was instantly overcome with a feeling of needing to place berries near to it... deep red/oranges... evocative of the season... and so i did... 'autumn's fire' features berries of lampwork glass, carnelian, ceramic and pearl... soldered rings in copper and sterling are connected with forged & paddled double ended sterling bars... vintaj brass chain with its warm brown color is paired with a length of lavic & picture jasper beads (there are so many jasper names)... 
'delicious autumn! my very soul is wedded to it,
and if i were a bird i would fly about the earth seeking 
the successive autumns.'
~ george eliot

a small antiqued bird charm nestles in amongst the cluster... 

hope the season is beginning to show itself in your part of the world!


  1. Loved this piece instantly when I first saw it Flickr last night. Beautiful colors. You worked your magic on this one MJ!

  2. thanks l - i think the leaf was coated in faerie dust, it almost made itself...

  3. absolutely gorgeous!! it's so perfect that it made me recall the scent of autumn in england... so beautiful maire... gives me so much memories.
    and thank you for the sweet message and your concern for my part of the world. we are still safe in malaysia... but my heart goes to those who have been affected by the quake and tsunami.

  4. Maire- Love the eclectic arrangement of these beautiful elements. Well done!

  5. You did, indeed, "bead autumnally." Great job - love the colors. Hope that bird doesn't eat all the berries, though!

  6. Very serene like one of those still autumn days where the sun is gentle and warm
    *Sigh* miss autumn in the sub tropics

  7. thank you all very much... i love this palette & so had a nice selection of beads to work with...

  8. Instant love here. The colours are beautiful together.

  9. My absolute favorite colors (spice tones)! I was just opening my bedroom curtains this morning and noticing that the leaves on the many trees in our yard are changing colors. You're such a talented one! Glad to feast my eyes on your beautiful works!

  10. Mary Jane,

    This is just amazing! It's beautiful. I love the mix of beads and the colors! I never dreamed my little leaf could look so good! Thank you so very much! :) We will just have to get more of my beads in your hot little hands that's all! :)

  11. simply gorgeous , the essence of fall ! Love the season.


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