11 October 2009

to each her own - part 3

there are a number of round robins going on at the time... i am involved in one with lorelei, kerry & barbe...

this was such a fun experience... and powerful... i swear, my head would get light sometimes - i don't know if it was all of that creative energy i was touching or what... between 'assessments' i would hit the fridge for my palette cleanser - a swig of chocolate soy milk - and then go back... yes, my weakness, chocolate soy... and i stand at the fridge, door open, drinking out of the carton - good thing i am the only one who really likes it!

i was a bit inconsistent with my before pics - meaning i sometimes forgot in the excitement... so i will be borrowing from kerry...

first up - lorelei

lorelei's pendant and kerry's glass really set the stage for a feminine necklace... i liked the way kerry introduced purple to the design... 

i added some lampwork glass from mika at pinocean, mary ann at linden avenue designs... made a copper bird charm & flattened a vintaj bead cap to make a small flower... i also extended the chain with some antiqued copper chain to pick up the bezel... added a porcelain bead at the clasp with a dangling melon seed bead... and STOPPED - it's hard to keep reminding yourself that there are others who will be adding... 

next up - barbe  (i had to borrow kerry's pic)

her theme was simply red -

since i was last up for barbe i kind of let loose... starting with the pendant, i added a red soocho jade cube and a czech glass bead in deep red with silvered edging... i paralleled the right side on the left by adding a second strand of beads... glass, crystal & porcelain... above kerry's awesome red ring, i added a red raku bead by keith o'connor... when i look at the pendant, i see a woman glancing at herself askance, not head on with confidence, a bit unsure... the back of the pendant has words on it like 'develop' and 'come into being' ... so i etched a copper charm with a heart to remind her to love herself... lastly i extended the chain, added a raku red lampwork bead by blue seraphim to a copper hook clasp... left an opening in the chain in case she wanted to get the length just right for her now that the pendant is so long... 


to me, kerry is about color and a clean, modern edge... barbe has promised her an awesome pendant - so keeping that in mind, i moved to other parts of her necklace... decided to try to create some weight on the sides to balance a nice pendant... 

i made 2 sterling charms - 'find joy' and a butterfly... even though things can be tough, kerry's joy seems to emanate from her creations... i had a 4 point floral link that i added and then played upon the blues that are present... a teal-ish mykonos ceramic round, 2 lampwork glass beads from mika - the brown one is edged in a light blue that makes it really interesting... and a glass bead made from a recycled (rum?) bottle by bronwen heilman of ghostcow ... used handforged headpins and brushed them lightly so they have a soft silver finish that puts them between the shiny silver and gunmetal grey... 
mine - 

i love how mine is coming along... 

i just added an etched ivory bead from mary ann... 

off these will go on tuesday to barbe - i really hope she likes hers as it is now finished... 


  1. Awesome awesome! I love your complimentary additions...each is so lovely and I can imagine myself wearing them all! Nice work MJ!

  2. Great work, Maire. Love how you took each into careful consideration and love your additions!

  3. This has been a delight to watch! You are a most talented bunch. You are all an INSPIRATION to me! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. I've got some catching up to do, but they're all lovely! I'm sure the energy was overwhelming. I have a friend who writes with me and what we get from and give to each other, is often powerful beyond comprehension.

  5. OMG I wasn't going to look but of course, couldn't help myself!
    I LOVE MINE!!! woo hoo can't wait to get them all but especially MINE!!!!

    you ladies are so talented adn I'm so pleased to be a part of this amazing project. Big Hug!

  6. Fantastic! I may just have to start an exchang just so I get to participate in one. The results are stunning!!

  7. It seems you and your friends of creativity have such a beautiful experience with those necklaces.
    Both are lovely and so inventive.
    Bravo ladies, you've done a great work all together.


  8. thanks everyone - this has been really a great experience... hope i get to do it again!

  9. It's so much fun to watch the evolution of these projects. All you ladies are doing wonderful work on these!

  10. These are so beautiful. I just love seeing how the additions enhance the piece. Beautiful job and commentary!

  11. I coulda sworn I left a comment yesterday!!

    To summerize:


  12. This is so cool! Wow a lot of thoughtful work and making a connection with each of these women through materials. I'm looking forward to seeing them worn :)

  13. It's always educational to watch these Round Robins! All are great pieces, but I think the first one is my favorite...well done!

  14. These are all coming together so beautifully. Barbe's Simply Red necklace is my favorite but all of the pieces hold so much interest and wonder. Love them all!


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