15 October 2009

awaiting the wild things -

i am sure that like me, many of you are awaiting the release of 'where the wild things are'- filled with curiosity and a child-like desire to go back in time for just a little while... in some theaters, it opens at midnight tonight... sendak's book was published in 1963... his wild things were inspired by family visits to relatives living in brooklyn... giving pinches on his cheeks, stating things like, 'i'll eat you up'... 

the 'really rosie' movie came out when i was around ten and was one of my favorites; it was  right up there with 'it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown'...  this is my book that i got thru the scholastic weekly reader program way back when... the kids got a kick out of seeing that i really had been small once, as evidenced by the writing... and that i am old, because there is no room #18 in the school anymore - they go/have gone there too... we actually have the soundtrack in my car - listening to carol king sing 'one was johnny' is great for the early school run...  

years ago, when i got the book, i found this quote and taped it inside... i had forgotten it & was glad that i found it... 

this is an exhibit going on in nyc... i was kind of sad when i looked up the please touch museum in philly this morning... when emily was little, sendak had collaborated with them and created an area that was dedicated to his books - 'in the night kitchen', 'where the wild things are', etc... there were max costumes that the kids could put on and a slide of pouring milk that went into a large bowl... i was going to include that here but i don't see any evidence of that being there anymore...

and last, but never least, is one of my wild things - who is happily back to color after a short blonde hiatus... 

this time we did a fade from very light pink to cherry bomb... 

the movie is described as  a comedy... but i am bringing tissues... i always cry at the movies! 


  1. Wouldn't it be fun to get a bunch of us and go together? I can't wait for this movie! My mother was a librarian when I was a kid. I remember that she would take me to work on Saturdays and plop me in the kids library while she worked. I got bored and would wander the stacks and they would always find me in a different part of this really cool modern (at the time) Hennepin County Library in MN on the floor with all the books pulled off the shelves. I would sit for hours just looking at the words I couldn't read, and it would fill me up. To this day, I am no good in a library...never used them to study in college because I would do the same thing...wander the stacks pulling out books. It might be why I was always fascinated with losing myself in reading. I remember once that HPCL hosted Tomie dePaola once...got to meet him when I was young. And my favorite indulgence is children's books (good thing my dad works as VP at a company that actually prints most of the kids books on the market today!) Thanks for sharing this MJ! Looking forward to being inspired by the vistas on the screen...I think some jewelry will be called for! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. I love the Wild Things and I have that very same book, much loved by me and my children. Who knows, maybe there children too one day. Em I love your hair! I once had deep fuschia highlights in my hair. And my nephew always asks when I'll make my hair purple again. You may just have inspired me!!!!!

  3. erin, i never used the library at college either! way too distracting... my kids have 2 of their own bookcases in their rooms... looove books!
    leann - if you don't want to go crazy you could always just do some in the back, underneath, you know? :0)

  4. I have seen the trailers and it looks like a good time to me!! Tom Hanks loved it!

  5. So many people are excited for this movie! yay! can't wait...

    Thanks for your sweet comment Marie. I really appreciate your kindness.

  6. Maire: I love this post. What goes around comes around! Your printing in the book is priceless!

  7. Oh I was SO looking forward to it, alas I'm a little too sensitive right now to go back in time. I think I'll fish out the soundtrack and see how it works before I venture to the theatre.

    Your daughter's hair is beatiful; so full of life and freedom-she's blessed.

  8. I live near Philly, so I was curious about the museum exhibit and found this info:
    It must have been fun!

  9. Hi Maire,
    Thanks for your sweet words on my blog!
    I love your work too, and I enjoy reading about your life at the shore.
    I'll have to check out the movie. I wasn't very drawn to it before, but now I want to see it.
    I think the writer of Away We Go also wrote the book for this movie? I'm curious now.

  10. p.s....
    Here's the book by Dave Eggers (fur covered, too)


    He co-wrote the screenplay and also wrote the book based on the screenplay.

  11. Loving that hair color. Your daughter must be one fun girl. I need to check out her blog and see what's happening with her. We will be seeing the movie soon. Can't wait!

  12. I'm feeling nostalgic looking at these books, especially the Chicken Soup with Rice. I must have read that one and "Where the Wild Things Are" hundreds of times to my kids :)


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