04 November 2009

can you tell me how to get, how to get to ~

the special anniversary/event marked today on google.com is sesame street's 40th anniversary ~ i grew up watching sesame, the kids did too! the jim henson studio is still alive and well...

early mornings at the beach drawing faces in the sand - 
ernie, bert, elmo, cookie monster to name a few...
videos we watched, songs we listened to
put down the duckie, lady bug picnic,
'c' is for cookie, i love trash,
ernie frustrating bert - so we could learn patience
mr. hooper, mr. handford, david & alan
super grover
kermit the frog here
big bird (a.k.a. boo-ah)
ernie (a.k.a. ee-nee)
martian cutie - #9
jim carrey doing happy feet
knowing that savion was destined for fame

a soft spot for sesame? gooey marshmallow fluff filled cloud soft spot ~ thank goodness for pbs... any other station and who knows what would have happened?


  1. Our little Chloe just adores Sesame Street!

    She sleeps with Elmo and Cookie Monster stuffed animals, and we travel with a laughing Elmo in the car (sometimes I hear him laughing in the back seat when nobody is in the car but me... hmmm - wonder what he's doing back there?)

    We can't wait to take her to Sesame Place next year to see the characters in person. She loved the Disney characters back in April, so I think she'll REALLY love the Sesame Street ones...

  2. I have some memories of sesame street, but maybe they've faded so much since the kids outgrew it and it fell out of favor. I love reading about your memories of it, though. So nice to have that oasis of pure sweet goodness in common with your kids. The first one is my favorite...early mornings at the beach drawing faces in the sand...i'd like that one for myself!
    I remember the first time i saw the show at a friend's house, along with the electric company, so many years ago!

  3. Everytime I count , I still hear the "Count" doing his thing , Ah ah ah ah ; )


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