06 November 2009


"may god give you...
for every storm a rainbow,
for every tear a smile, 
for every care a promise
and a blessing in each trial.
for every problem life sends,
a faithful friend to share
for every sigh a sweet song 
and an answer for each prayer."
~ irish blessing

i do not watch the news on television & only sometimes glance at my google news page - it all affects me way too deeply... the place that i seem to experience the news is in the blogosphere... because here events are attached to people... and they share their feelings... 
i think this week is a perfect example of the bittersweet of life... leann weih having her son at ft. hood and suffering a mother's worry... and cynthia thornton bringing home her sweet baby max and experiencing the throes of joy that accompanies a  newborn's arrival... 
why do we blog? to connect, of course... most of us though, do not completely wear our hearts on our sleeves... things trickle through... 
i think that one of the gifts of blogging is having an opportunity to connect with those we never would have met... and it is clear as one navigates around the 'blogs i follow' that deeper friendships have evolved... how lucky are we? in this chaotic world with so much pain and joy, to find people on the same wavelength... perhaps providing support or bolstering the spirits of those feeling a bit lost... perhaps providing new insights... or giving us moments of much needed laugh out loud tear spilling... (i think we know who this person is, and i have told her that she needs to look into writing a column)... seeing the world from a different point of view - particularly in photos of the natural world and families... for it does not only take a village to raise a child, it takes a village to navigate through life...

i love the insights that artists provide and how they share their creative process... the groups that get together to collaborate... knowing that you can share a 'look what i did' moment with people who get what it is you did...
my everything has been so expanded by this opportunity... and i am so grateful... 


  1. "my everything has been so expanded"
    i feel so very fortunate to have fallen down the rabbit hole into this world. and more than that i echo your words, mj, for you have hit the nail on the head when you say that this experience has expanded you. in so many ways, on so many blogs, in so many or few words there are connections being made and friendships forged. i can't tell you how delighted i am that there are people who read my blog, but more than that who really "get" what i am saying. these friendhsips are as real to me as those i see each and every day. sometimes more so, becuase there is a connection that is born of love and joy and color and art and we are all in the same boat navigating the same waters yet we each bring a different and unique oar to the process.

    i am so glad that you and i and all the others who are reading this are friends. because that is what we are.

    thank you for putting into words that which was also on my heart and mind today. you are truly a blessing to me.

    enjoy the day


  2. What a great post, MJ! You have a beautifully eloquent way of putting things and you've really captured the true essence of this wonderful virtual community of creative people that we are all privileged to take part in every day. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  3. such a heartfelt post...and so true...I too am thankful for my blogging friends

  4. I so echo these thoughts and emotions! The connections I have made through blogging are precious and important to me! Thank you for being a part of this world, all of you!

  5. How beautiful, Maire. My best friends have seldom shared my love of sewing, pottery making, or jewelry marking. It's hard to find a friend that shares the same interests. Certainly you share some interests or you wouldn't be friends. But blogging has become for me an open atmosphere of trust and encouragement involving people who are not threatened by my growth because they are actively pursuing their own.

  6. So beautiful the way you put words to the emotions I often feel. I have grown very fond of this community and deeply value all of the friendship that has come my way. Thank you, MJ for being there as a valuable member of the village that helps my navigate my way.

  7. There's not a thing I can add to what you said... so I'll just thank you for saying what I also feel (just much more eloquently than I would have!) I value these friendships so much as well :)

  8. What a wonderful post...I think we all share your sentiments..but to put them in to words the way you have is wonderful. I am so thankful too for this amazing community.

  9. Truly a beautiful post...your words are beautifully written and heart felt. I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    I too am so grateful.

  10. Perfectly said, Mary Jane! I have found friends thorough the blogging world and I am so grateful for that. Wonderful people with so much talent but also friends that give me a glimpse into their daily trials. It brings us together with people from other countries even who are enjoying the same craft. What a beautiful community!


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