26 December 2009

ahhh ~

' a happy life must be to a great extent a quiet life, 
for it is only in an atmosphere of quiet 
that true joy dare live.'

as much as i love christmas, i really love the day after christmas... the quiet that seems to settle... i love being around family and friends, laughter, talking... but i get overstimulated... i can be a creature of solitude - in as solitude a way as a mom of 3 can be... on a day like today, i am happy to hear the kids chattering and helping each other... i am around, i give hugs and kisses, make food, but not talking if i don't need to... i crave quiet at times... that's why i love my walks so much... 

we have a storm again this weekend, but this time the snow has been washed away... in 2 days the temps have risen about 30 degrees - it's in the mid 40s and windy... i can hear the chimes outside and the patter of rain on the windows... it seems just right... took em to work on the boardwalk and the waves are churning... but inside, i am not... in fact it is today that i am ready to create gifts for the friends who will get gifts from me... i don't create jewelry well under pressure to begin with - especially not for people i know... for whom i have to feel what i am doing... i was lucky in that i was able to make my nieces their necklaces - because that exchange is done on christmas eve and i couldn't go empty handed to them... 

for both i used butterflies from nancy schindler at roundrabbit ... one child is very delicate and girly... the other is fiesty... 

so they are similar but not the same... i love butterflies - how they symbolize change and growth..

these free spirit earrings were fun to make... when i tied the cloth onto the back from the top i worried that it looked a bit superhero cape-ish ... but you know what? that's ok... because it's all about flying and soaring to your own heights... i got some incredibly beautiful floss/yarn/fiber from sassa lynne's etsy shop... i love the colours ~ 

today we are going to see 'avatar' ... i am pretty excited about it... although i would like to keep the really low-key vibe of the day going, the kids have been waiting to see this... it should be fun... yesterday we watched 'the jungle book' ... santa brought it on dvd and it brought back so many wonderful memories... 'princess and the frog' is on our list too... it is done in traditional 2D animation... is set in new orleans... and oprah has a role? sounds like a winner to me... 

thank you for your lovely holiday wishes and commiserations on feeling overwhelmed as well... the encouragement shared... a gift indeed...


  1. A lovely post. I too crave the quietness after much celebration. I love having people over and putting on a hige spread, but I relish the quiet time when all go home. Your necklaces are delightful and your earring design is free spirit in nature too.

  2. I too totally need some quiet time. I thrive in it.
    My husband and 12 yr old are on their way to TN, so it's just the 8 yr old and me for a week. It should be pretty mellow around here, yay!
    Great pieces, BTW!

  3. Oh you know I can relate, in fact I think I'm on my way to my bed with some beads and tea where I'll draft out some new designs in my head. Sending peaceful tidings your way.

  4. LOVELY Post, MaryJane! I love butterflies too (so much so that I have a tattoo of one that symbolizes some pretty important memories of my grandfather and me)! The necklace is so dainty and beautiful, too!

    Sending continued feelings of "aaaah!" over to you today, tomorrow, the next day, the day after that, ....

  5. The need for quiet and reflection is probably why we became artists. I'm so outgoing that at the end of it all I feel so depleted ... I don't seem to be able to hold myself back. My daughter is a quiet type ... not shy ... takes it all in but doesn't feel like she has to put it all out. I should incorporate more of her into me.

  6. I love what you did with the butterflies, Mary Jane! So cute and perfect for little girls!
    I too love "the day after." Spent mine in the studio. It was glorious! :)

  7. Ahh solitude, I crave true communion with the genuine, whether it be on a quiet path in the woods, or with people who are at peace with themselves. Peace wherever you find it is a treasure. Lovely necklaces. xx

  8. those earrings are exeptionals!! love them!! my new favorites!!!


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