03 December 2009

connected through fiber (not the kind in my cereal)

'come out of the circle of time
and into the circle of love.'

lately i have been feeling a need to integrate fibers and fabric in to my work... it just feels right... and i realized it creates a real connection to the past... no, i am not providing warmth for my family in clothing or blankets... but working with them makes me think of women who for centuries/millenia have been doing these things for their families and communities... from the ancient times in persia, china and egypt through today... and perhaps today, it is even appreciated more - precisely because of the mechanical alternatives that are available to hands... 
'timeless' was created with a marsha neal studio shard and lisa peters art button...there is also a wonderful polymer clay bead by genevieve at jibbyandjuna... 

'warm and fuzzy' use marsha neal studio shards as well... i love the contrast of the fibers with the ceramic... 

'if your knees aren't green by the end of the day,
you need to seriously re-examine your life.'
calvin (bill watterson)
'kickin' back' encourages you to relax, take in the colors and textures of the earth, water and sky... small copper bird charm is a reminder of why this necklace was created... 

'and forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet
and the winds long to play with your hair.'
- kahlil gibran 
'caught in the breeze' were created by etching copper and nickel sheet... then wirewrapping fibers and ribbon... 

'this very moment is a seed from which
the flowers of tomorrow's happiness grow.'
'margaret lindsey
'make your wish, plant the seed' created by etching copper sheet, wirewrapping faceted amethyst and tying on a bit of floss... amethyst is associated with quiet, calm & ultimately, peace... when one calms the mind, the door of opportunity opens wide... 

'all tangled up' is a well-mixed (thanks to robert frost for my most fav quote ever) design of enamel, glass, ceramic, pewter, crystal, turquoise, leather, metals and fibers... marsha neal studio, barbara lewis, linden avenue designs, zippy beads, green girl studios & purple pozies all represented here... 

the first 3 pieces are available in the my mom pattie shop ... 

as the holidays bear down - stay centered... i am feeling very 'off' due to the avalanche of materialism... it's been present since halloween, but when i get 50 mails for promos each time i sign on, it is just too much... stay connected to what is important to you... 
p.s. i am not a scrooge!


  1. There is no way that someone who creates such beauty and light could be a scrooge. These are all BRILLIANT! I love the names, the inspirations and especially the cause that they are supporting (I will be there with you in the new year, dear MJ!). I like Advent. It is a time to slow down and really think about what matters. A time to reconnect with your soul and dig deep. A time to ponder the beauty of the season...and sometimes by seeing the ugliness of the commercialism it can really reinforce what is important and what the true meaning is by focusing on what it is NOT. Thank you for sharing your beauty with the world. Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Wow, I just love ALL those pieces! I love the shard earrings with the fibers on top - what a great inventive job!

  3. These are all over the top fantastic MaryJane! Kickin back is my fav....just gorgeous!! I have no doubt you will remain very grounded during the holiday.

  4. I think with the addition of the fibers it adds a nice warmth to the pieces. I especially love the shard earrings! Your words are always so beautiful and meaningful thanks for sharing them.

  5. Mary Jane these are wonderful tactile pieces. I do sympathize with your feelings about the material season. I think I will write out all of your quotes on little slips of paper so that I can pull out one a day to give me a meditation for the day. Beautiful words and thank you.

  6. love these new pieces and the thread that connects them to women of the past :)

  7. Beautiful, beautiful work.

    Funny, I've been feeling the same as you've described...I haven't even come up with my usual "list" yet. Something's happening, and it feels right.

  8. Love the fabric look. It adds so much dimension to the pieces.

  9. yes, beautiful work!


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