27 November 2009

i'm not confused...

i'm just well mixed.'
~ robert frost

one can certainly be mistaken for the other - but intention is everything!

'the walls you build to protect you,
will isolate you in the end.'
~ me
walls, both physical and emotional, are often erected in the face of real or imagined danger... feeling vulnerable can cause one to fend off others in the name of self-protection... but what happens when the walls are left up too long? after they have served their purpose? isolation - from those you were warding off, but also those you love...  the time then comes to deconstruct... 

earlier this month, the fall of the berlin wall celebrated its 20th anniversary... are you up to the challenge of taking yours down?

the rusty crusty button from lisa peters had so much to say - and so much energy... it represents a crumbling wall... signs of things soft and beautiful are poking through... hard as the journey is to break them down, stone by stone we do... taking the tangled journey... leaving fragments of ourselves behind... moving from the hard to the soft, from the dark to the light... where love and openness live...   
beautiful lampwork glass by marie at bleu verre & a porcelain charm by marsha neal helped to demonstrate the evolution... 


  1. This new necklace is gorgeous with it's crusty button and lovely links. Trying to take my walls down, not so easy ;-)

  2. A beautiful necklace, MaryJane! And how I can relate - born in Berlin and was there, when the wall came down - in the midst of history happening... what a memory!!

  3. beautiful indeed!

  4. Such a meaningful piece Miss MJ! I recognized that Lisa Peters button immediately. I love it. So rich, so deep, so personal. You really delight me with your words and your thoughts and your art. Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. the button is amazing but what you did with it it's more than amazing!! love this necklace!!

  6. Your necklace is just beautiful. I love the softness of the fiber paired with the roughness of Lisa's ceramic button.

    Tearing down walls can be more difficult than erecting them. Change must occur from within and sometimes we avoid peering into the unknown depths of our own souls for fear of what we might find.

    Revelations are neccessary globally and personally if we expect a change and the Berlin Wall is a perfect example. I know I need to tear down several walls and yes, sometimes it is painful but truly worth the time and work involved! Viva revelations!

  7. the wall was a good lesson , it was a reality and a stark reminder of humanity gone awry for my first 35 years. How wonderful that it could come down and allow change. Lovely crusty button too, love the fiber being worked in. ; )

  8. Wonderfully original piece, Mary Jane! Love all the components used and colors. Bravo!

  9. Wow, very very profound. And deeply touching. Thank you for saying so much! Beautiful necklace too!

  10. Great blog post - love how you tied the necklace design to your ideas about walls!

  11. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush................

  12. I'm just so touched! I was drawn in by your teaser title for the best quote ever and then I find your message just what I needed today. Boy did I have a big wall that just came crashing down :)

    What fun to connect emotional walls with the Berlin wall! I got to be there in March 1991 and it was so powerful to walk that space and connect with the German spirit. Thank you so much for your meaningful post and this amazing necklace that just blows me away!

  13. Beautiful necklace...love all of the unique components...and the way you tied it in with the Berlin Wall is thought-provoking. I always enjoy seeing your latest creations.


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