31 December 2009

once in a blue moon ~

'every once in a blue moon
something new comes along 
that scrambles your preconceptions.' 

a blue moon will occur tonight... it is defined as the second full moon in a calendar month... a second opportunity to give thanks as we ring out 2009... 

new year's eve brings up all kinds of emotions... hopes for the coming year and a review of the events of the past... reflections that bring up feelings of joy and sorrow, of accomplishment and yearning... 

perhaps it is fitting that one of my final pieces of the year is 'the caged heart' ~

'few are those who see with their own eyes
and feel with their own hearts.'
~ albert einstein

see, feel, be present... experience the textures and colours of life... the subtlety of meaning that imbues everything... 

break free of cages imposed from within and without... in steps large or small... have a goal to be more free by next new year's eve... 

and know that it all begins with love...
ceramic ring and heart from mellisa at chinook jewelry designs... beautiful hand-dyed yarn by myfanwy at sassa lynne... 

happy new year ~ and so very much gratitude to all who stop by my blog, who help me to grow, who share their wisdom with me... 

and congratulations to marsha neal for delivering her beautiful baby boy riley!


  1. I just love your use of that yarn. Thanks so much for giving me a mention too.

    Here's to a very successful Etsy 2010, with much peace, health and happiness.

  2. you are the one i should be thanking. your words and generous spirit have filled me so full. i am ever grateful that some cosmic force brought me to you, i cannot recall how, but it has been a refuge to my soul to see what you write and create. thank you for being an inspiration to me and i wish you an abundance of inspiration to your door in 2010 and the courage to unlock the possibilities.
    enjoy the day!

  3. Thank you for your friendship Mary Jane, and your gift of word and art that you share with us daily. Have a healthy and happy New Year.

  4. Love the yarn with the metal...the marriage of textures is dreamy. Best wishes go out to you and your family for a peace and love filled new year!

  5. Thank you for your friendship and wise words. I wish you and your family a healthy, peaceful,loving,and prosperous New Year!

  6. Thank you so much for your blog and wonderful words! Today your blog really touches me! Happy New Year and best wishes for 2010!

  7. happy happy new year to you my fren :)) what an extraordinary piece of art to say goodbye to 2009 ... actually, i would rather think of it as a welcome to the brand new year of 2010!!

  8. Thanks for your kindred spirit and inspiration, Light and love for 2010 , Laura

  9. My Dear Maire, friend, fellow pursuer of dreams, speaker of things which truly matter and constant provider of inspiration and support - welcome to the new decade and may it be for you all you wish it to be! Best Wishes and much love! oxox AJ

  10. it's a joy reading your blog and seeing your wonderful work. hope you have a great new year!

  11. May your New Year be filled with happiness, health and inspiration!
    Love the necklace - especially that intriguing transparent dangle! Special!

  12. Happy new year to you dear Mary Jane.

  13. Happy New Year Marie!

    Thanks so much for popping by my Blog for a visit.

    I have admired your work on Flickr and look forward to seeing more of your lovely creations in 2010.

    LuLu Kellogg

  14. beutiful beautiful and beautiful!!!!!


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