13 December 2009

one day, one moment at a time

started drizzling today, but we hit the christmas tree farm near our home...  the kids had more fun looking at the baby trees then they did looking at one for our house! charlie brown trees hit a soft spot in our house!

'how often has the christmas tree
afforded me the greatest glee!
oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree!
much pleasure though can'st give me.'
get in touch with your senses this season - smell, touch, see, hear & taste all of the wonders of the time... allowing yourself to be in touch with the 'present moment blessed moment'...


  1. Love those earrings! Hope you found the perfect (or imperfect) tree for your home! I'm making do with a little rosemary tree this year but it smells almost as good as pine!

  2. One of the best holiday activities is hunting for the Christmas tree.
    I love the earrings, a wonderful marriage of materials and sentiment.

  3. I am seeking one in a pot, yes that does limit how big, but I like to plant them later ; ) great pictures, looks like fun.

  4. we went to a tree farm not 5 miles from my home and has been there over 40 yrs - yet i only just found out about it! i figured the carbon footprint left behind would be negligible as no trucks hauled it anywhere... i do love a quirky tree!

  5. Ooooh those earrings are delightful! I am currently up north enjoying the smell of fresh pine and cold rain. This is just what my spirit ordered to get in the flow of the season. I can't wait to see the tree your family chose.

  6. I love the new earrings! Gorgeous!

    I envy your tree hunting. Our kids are grown and my daughter now has our (fake) tree. It just doesn't seem like Christmas without a tree. Kind of bums me out.

    Post more pics of yours when you decorate it and I'll enjoy that instead! :)

    As always- thank you for sharing!

  7. I wish we could have afforded a live one this year..but presents for the kids was the priority. Love your blog....and your jewerly is stunning..off to heart your Etsy shop!!
    Namaste, Sarah

  8. Oooo...I love those earrings!

    Tree hunting is something that my hubby and the kids do together, it's kinda their tradition.

  9. How wonderful to see the whole gang picking out the tree with hot chocolate in hand. Too cute!

  10. Beautiful words and earrings! My senses need a jump start before the whole month is over :) Thank you for the refreshment!


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