20 December 2009

you could've fooled me -

that it's technically still autumn - until tomorrow!

'i prefer winter and fall,
when you feel the bone structure of the landscape -
the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter.
something waits beneath it,
the whole story doesn't show.'
~ andrew wyeth




the inuit have 52 words for snow because it is so special to them...

where's waldo - only with sparrows!

a cat's way to spend the day ~ 

 'a catless writer is almost inconceivable. 
it's a perverse taste, really,
since it would be easier to write with a herd 
of buffalo in the room than even one cat;
they make nests in the notes
and bite the ends of the pen
and walk on the typewriter keys.'
~barbara holland

venturing out last night

shortbread that i have been making since i was 16

and a sleepover...
one child was already up and busy ~

may this sunday be exactly what you want it to be~
and i will be on duty as the dresser, shoe tier and clothes dryer!


  1. Looks like your cats are as motivated to move as mine, by the stove , on the futon, all unconscious, hope your are well ,love the picture with the snow "orbs" .

  2. Splendid! And, look at all of your fur babies...cats are magical love-filled creatures, aren't they?

    Enjoy the day!

  3. mmm, shortbread...good idea...i was looking at shortbread cookies the other day, maybe I should get out a load of butter and make some instead...(funny what gets my attention ;-))
    i love that last cat-on-legs photo...and all the snow photos too! and everything else...
    i think i see two sparrows in the bush...probably there are more hiding in there.
    enjoy your day today...
    (i'll try to put up a new earring photo today...a gift for me this time, and more for etsy soon i hope)

  4. A wonderful day for lounging with family and enjoying some hot cocoa with your yummy shortbread.

  5. great photos,thanks for sharing.
    yum, i love shortbread!

  6. Boy, you did get quite a lot of snow! Your cats are doing exactly what mine have been doing for days. Stay warm and enjoy!

  7. I hope you are making headway with digging out, we are just slushy for the most part and moving well again. Thanks for entering the giveaway!

  8. We got a ton of snow here in MD, and I LOVE it! Of course, I also don't have to get OUT in it! Look, no touch!

  9. Ah yes, the white cat has conquered the human after all and sits proudly on the vanquished one! LOL! A familiar site as my marmalade kitty often sits on my legs at night.

    Hope you've dug out from the snow!


  10. Thank you for your kind comments xx Laura

  11. What a winter wonderland! Your shortbread looks delish. I want some to dip into my coffee this morning.
    Sorry I've been such a bad blogger friend lately... I've missed you! xo


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