19 December 2009

it took the force of nature...

to get me centered ~
and that somehow feels so very right... 
the east coast is under siege from a nor'easter - snow and winds... they are calling for over a foot here, which doesn't happen often as we live near the beach - which often warms the air and keeps our snow accumulations down... which bums the kids out when the towns just west and north of us get snow days and they don't...
here is what we awoke to - (and i am hoping for some cool after pics)

more importantly for me - it took this storm to calm me down... it's like i got a pass today from going to the stores and rushing around... instead it will be spent in the house, decorating our tree and baking cookies... i really like the way snow can make you feel like you are in a cocoon... insulating and beautiful... 

'in the depth of my soul there is a wordless song.'
~ kahlil gibran
'in the depths' is a bezel created with the symbols of the lotus and om stamped into it... as if to infuse a calming energy... in the resin i set pieces of fiber and fabric... they flash from the depths when the light is right... like labradorite or opal... it's kind of magical...

'wise men speak because they have something to say;
fools because they have to say something.'
~ plato
'pearls of wisdom' bezel has pearls and amethyst set within resin... wisdom is garnered from experience, laced with the beauty of knowledge gained.... amethyst is known to be calming and protective, something needed while facing life's challenges...

hope this weather does you no harm and that you are able to enjoy the beauty and quietude it brings... 


  1. Hi just stopping by , we spent yesterday weathing the snow, very wet and heavy , I did Bush duty , keeping the limbs from breaking from the weight of the snow, this morning I was able to go out to take some pictures. Asheville got quite a bit and the interstates became parking lots. I hope you get enough to have fun without too much hazard. As always love your creations.

  2. sorry that should be weathering, ahhh spelling!

  3. This is spectacular!! The second one is like a pool of beauty!Looooove.

  4. wow, snow near the beach, now that's cool!
    beautiful pieces, i too love the second one

  5. Hope you have a peaceful day full of beauty. Your bezels are wonderful, MJ! The one with the fabric is magical!

  6. I love that peaceful feeling that comes with a big snowfall...hopefully it just brings fluffy white stuff to all of us, and not much complications.

    So glad I got some essentials yesterday, like everyone else was doing...the store shelves were emptying out! I actually got the very last bottle of natural white brandy that i use for my essences! And we picked up our tree, too...they were also going fast.

    So glad that you and the kids are enjoying this snowfall! Is that an ornament that I'm seeing? Looks like a little Christmas package! and I love that deep green on the fabric bezel! Great work!

    Have a sweet, warm and cozy day...or a cold, wet snowball fight! (or both)

  7. I remember those snowy days when I lived in South Jersey! Everything is so still and pristine. I used to walk outside among the pine trees listening to the quiet!

    You are on fire with your bezels, very pretty.

  8. we didn't get too much snow but it still gives such a calming, relaxed feeling...your bezel settings are lovely!

  9. Wow! Your bezels are just incredible...so beautiful! Your day sounds a lot like mine...cookie baking and staying indoors. I did brave it outside for a bit with the kids...but it was actually too much snow (and cold!). Enjoy the beauty around you!

  10. Mmm, very magical, I agree!! LOVE it!

  11. stunnig pieces MJ!!! the fist one is very mysterious...


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