17 December 2009

a bit of fun ~

thanks to those who read my LONG post... i just get concerned about self-care... it wasn't meant to be preachy, just thought provoking... i have been known to stop my walks for months at a time... but i try to get going again... anyway - 

'one person's crazyness 
is another person's reality.'
~ tim burton

have you ever heard of woot shirts? every day there is a new one - the one for the day is $10 with free shipping -  and they are so fun and creative... it's about all em wears, and the boys are on board with them too... (i am not selling these or advertising for anyone... we just love them and i know sometimes you can be racking your brain for creative-type gifts...)

this is a family favorite - 'donut panic' ... 

how about 'zombie candy corn'?
went into the city yesterday and it was great... fao schwartz, macy's herald square, rockefeller center... 

we also saw a sign for ~

that is for over the break...
off to get some things done - tempus fugit (boy, oh boy, does it!)


  1. Okay, wowzers!! LOL! "Doughnut Panic" is beyond hilarious!!

  2. Awesome stuff to look at! I can't wait to make a day trip up to see that Tim Burton Exhibit... Thanks for sharing such cool things (especially since I'm not getting out much these days!). I would hate to miss that exhibit!

  3. oh the donut panic is my fav! I love it :) Thanks for the giggle!

  4. Thanks for sharing the woot shirts, I'm a sucker for all things platypi so I absolutely cracked up when I saw their Shared Custody shirt!


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