23 January 2010

on joy

'when you wish someone joy,
you wish them peace, love,
prosperity, happiness...
all the good things.'
~ maya angelou

i was delighted to have been gifted by beth hemmila of hint jewelry ... we all know, love and  appreciate beth for her ability to distill a feeling, thought or concept down to its very essence - no small feat... her small treasures carry with them not only beauty but an incredible weight of meaning... and, as i have mentioned to her a number of times, i love how you can feel the imprint of her finger in the back of them... the connection with a person, feeling their intention and energy when i wear one of their adornments means so very much to me... on a daily basis, i have her lotus charm hanging around my neck... 

so i was delighted to have this double necklace - but here is what blew me away... without ever having said anything to anyone, without choosing this one, she picked the perfect one for me at this moment... for i always love any of her charms and finished pieces associated with peace or trees... truly, this one came in a bit from left field... and yet that is what makes it just right... it was something i had been neglecting... 


'joy is the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm
and our intelligence aglow.'
~ helen keller

what? you  might ask... let me explain... in trying to 'inhale' and 'exhale', to find peace, i was getting through the day, the week, which can turn into months and years and YOUR LIFE... i laugh with the kids, don't get me wrong... but i had lost my connection with joy... with letting go... having become guarded and being more of a quiet, contemplative person it is easy for me to delve into all kinds of feelings of the serious nature... but i had forgotten the other... 

this meant a lot coming from beth... she was one of my first etsy 'meets'... she featured a pair of my earrings on her blog almost a year ago... at a time when i didn't even know what blogging was... she was the thread i followed in coming into this world... and she knows, i hope, how very much i appreciate her... 

so thank you, beth, for a gift that probably meant more to me than you know - 

'joy delights in joy.'
~ william shakespeare

so while you are being present - don't forget to smile! 


  1. So lovely! Beth is quite special. Wishing you much joy, every day...

  2. It looks perfect on you! I'm so glad this piece found its way to your heart. This post was just the medicine I needed to remember. I've been disconnected from my own sense of joy and wholeness lately and you reminded me how easy it is to go back to if you let it. Its good to have partners in this process. Thanks dear friend for the remembrance and letting this necklace work in your life :)

  3. Marie Dodd, you are a very beautiful person. I just went back through your blog and enjoyed your thoughts that you shared here so much. I feel like I know you now! I look forward to your posts in the future.

  4. I am so touched by your words and your connection with this piece from Beth. Indeed, smile, even laugh, and let your soul have wings.

  5. what a lovely gift. i too wear one of Beth's charms everday, her work and words are very special.
    and thank you for your words on joy, i need to remember this too.

  6. spot on ! Life can become sooo serious especially with so much media bringing the needs of the world into our personal space, how do we fix it all? hard to say but it will be better if we can radiate joy into the world, great post! ; )

  7. Oh it's beautiful, how wonderful for you. This post made me smile, that's a good start.

  8. Miss Mary Jane I just got goose bumps from reading this! I am an avid follower of Miss Beth's and think that you are both most divine inspiration when I really need it!
    I think that is perfect for you. And you do bring others joy and wholeness. Believe it. I love that she just knew what was perfect for you before you even did. That is some connection. Wonder-full.
    Enjoy the day!


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