24 January 2010

thoughts, words, ... destiny

as a follow up to yesterday's post, i am beginning this one with a smile! this beautiful, mona lisa -type, filled with contentment but suppressing a giggle smile came in the post yesterday from the studio of lisa peters... i just love it so very much ~ and i couldn't think of anything better to show it with than a buddha stamping from cindy at alchemy of life... 

'watch your thoughts for they become words.
watch your words, for they become actions.
watch your actions, for they become habits.
watch your habits, for they become character.
watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.'

i love working with words, resin and metal etching have really freed me to explore this... so yesterday was an earring day, because a few days before were a resin paddle day, and so on and so on!! so i did the work i am not so fond of - making ear wires... i really admire people who do this with such proficiency... i think my free flow style runs right up against the precision and sameness required for these... i can make things match, i can... i just often choose not to! 

for the haiti by hand shop i created these earrings ~

for my shop ~

'everything you can imagine is real.'
~ pablo picasso

now i don't know if that is true or not, but i am not going to let it stop me! it all just comes down to keeping in touch with the authentic self... i picked 'nascent' as my word for the year and things just keep coming up to reinforce that ... like being here as my authentic self... and allowing things to flow and happen... purple seemed natural for these earrings, floss from myfanwy at sassalynne was used as well as labradorite... this stone is known for purging negativity and giving insight... 

'i do not seek. i find.'
~ pablo picasso

what do you find when you listen to the song in your heart? do you hear it any longer? is there something you want to share with someone else? these earrings are meant to remind you to do just that... 

'difficulties mastered are
opportunities won.'
~ winston churchill

turn corners with confidence (one of my personal goals)... you have everything to gain... these earrings are made with gaspeite, a stone known for aiding in assurance and opening the mind to new possibilities... 

'i have found the paradox,
that if you love until it hurts,
there can be no more hurt, 
only more love.'
~ mother teresa

hammered copper discs, rhubarb colored pearls and fiber by sassalynne... 'the paradox' unites  different textures, materials and colors... these ones are nagging at me a bit, i don't know whether they need some words glued on to them... 

your thoughts lead you to your destiny, be mindful of patterns... and keep looking forward (while being present)... 

- and thanks for your not asking me if i am on something as i continue to change my template, i am feeling skootchy with it, unsettled... and so i returned to the calming brown i like! until i can find something else  :0)  -


  1. yummmm MJ!! all i see here is fabulous!! love wen you put some words in your metal!! very you!

  2. Oh my goodness, Mary Jane! You are on a roll here! So many gorgeous earrings all at once! I agree with you...making consistent earwires is a chore for me (so therefore I avoid earrings!). So glad you tackled those earwires because the results are all so beautiful. I think some of my favorites are the "heart song" and "free spirit" pairs. I really like the brown backdrop for your blog, btw.

  3. These earrings are so beautiful ... and so you! Talk about authentic self!

  4. I love your words and spirit! The earrings are amazing and are so heart felt!

  5. Beautiful thoughts and beautiful work! :)

  6. My goodness, you have been busy creating beautiful things! I like the brown too. And as far as I know you are allowed to change your blog anytime you like. Actually, I believe you are also allowed to change your mind anytime you like. Or so a wise woman once told me. As always, I love reading your wisdom. Thanks, MJ.

  7. Soon soon, I hope to own your earrings.

  8. All beautiful! And soothing and serene and still thought provoking.

  9. I love your incorporation of words in your jewelry....especailly the ones floating in resin, like floating in the mind...passing thoughts, trandscendent.
    As Esther says...all are gorgeous!

  10. Mary Jane - what a gorgeous collection of earrings!!! So beautiful! You already know that I just love your resin words - and I love what Sharon said about transcendent thoughts!

  11. Your jewelry is lovely girl! Thanks for entering my draw and good luck!Enjoy Ruth's class too!


  12. These are all so beautiful. I appreciate the thought and care you use to choose the appropriate stones to reflect the over all meaning of the words you use. xoxoxoxo

  13. Those are beautiful earrings Marie. Also I love your blog banner. Wonderful intricacy and textures.


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