30 January 2010

simple - cont'd

'don't pin much hope on the mail,
and when the phone rings don't expect anyone wonderful to be calling.'
~ andy rooney

oh, andy - you obviously never met anyone through etsy!!

i practically skip to the mail - that should have been on my simple things list... dear mellisa from chinook jewelry sent me a business card holder, a ponytail holder, and some gorgeous lotus tiles... you had to see these... she has more - and if i don't snag them all, you may be able to get yourselves some!!

and i also found a lovely woman named lashell on etsy at who hand dyes sari silk in gorgeous colors... do you know how hard it was not to buy more?! almost painful... her mother taught her how to do it... 

'inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.'
~ pablo picasso

here's to getting some time to work this weekend in a way you love ...  


  1. Sold! I bought some bing cherry silk...can't wait!
    Andy didn't know what he was talking about ;-).

  2. I agree...waiting for the mailman is an adventure nowadays! Not always the dreaded bills...but frequently something wondrously wonderful.

  3. I think I love everything Mellisa does! I've been over to check out the hand dyed silk. Its all got such lovely rich colours. Thanks for the link!

  4. Great quotes, love the inspiration one. Also hand dyed silk sounds amazing, I would love to learn to do that.

  5. oooh hand dyed silk, i am there!!! silk brings class and elegance to anything it touches. thanks for sharing!

  6. Andy didn't have the advantage of blogging either, poor guy!
    Wonderful treasures and I am off to take a look at the silk...

  7. The lotus tiles are sweet, At the postoffice they call me the box lady, as I spend so much time sending and receiving . Little do they know the fun of discovering, and Poor Andy what a sad life to only know his version of life, with out hope, life is not worth living. xx

  8. There are so many talented people out there...lovely tiles, gorgeous silk...

    If Andy only knew the possibilities out there...


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