29 January 2010


'life is like art. 
you have to work hard to keep it simple and still have meaning.'
~ charles de lint

and then there is just noticing the simple pleasures, which shouldn't be work at all... just moments of pure gratitude... 

'nows' seem so simple... but they are not always...

a day late and a dollar short - literally, and i am sad... life got in the way of a great intention... christina at soul aperture was donating a dollar for every post about simple things... and i was so touched by it... would have never known about it though except that the huge hearted erin shared that news...

dear friends, old and new
friends who you can call after a year and it seems like a moment
the sun on my face
the sound of windchimes
one candle glowing in the dark

the feeling of sand running through my fingers
smelling my child's clean hair as i hug them after a bath
checking things off of my fear list
having my favorite green tea, silk creamer and sugar in the raw -
in the house at the same time

rustling leaves
watching the moon cycle
learning something new
hearing my kids chatter after school
getting to watch children at 3 different schools evolve into the next

the warmth in my car when i remember to start it 
in the morning for early trips
clean sheets
a cat in my lap
watching my kids make their way in the world, their way
feeling the energy from an artist's piece as i work with it

praying mantis
dirty hands after working with metal
having the three kids home at the same time -
 doing something together and getting along

the gloaming
the edge of a storm front
the warmth of a favorite scarf

hugs, hugs, hugs
watching malcolm in the middle
time to read
time to write
time to create

safe places
belly laughs
being in the woods
my grandmother's eyes
dear friends, old and new


  1. sweetheart,
    this list is beautiful! "the warmth of a favorite scarf" yes, this is a favorite of mine, as well. so very comforting.
    thank you for joining in.
    : )

  2. So comfy and heartfelt~love it!

  3. I love how your kids are interwoven into all the little simple things to appreciate. Makes a nice home for the kids to come home to.

    Love this set of earrings

  4. Oh MJ. It shouldn't matter if it was on this day or that. This is a list to cherish. I love watching Malcolm! And ditto to all the ones with the kids as well. We have so much more in common than we know! But crossing off you fear list? That is the one that perked me up. I am so proud of you for having one and conquering them one by one. That is an amazing thought. Thank you so much for sharing. You know I love to see what you write. I can't eat it up fast enough.
    Enjoy the day!

  5. hi MJ, i haven't understand all but earrings are fantastics!!

  6. So sweet! I loved reading through that, it's like a meditation.
    Do the creamer and sugar go in the green tea? I've only ever had green tea straight up...might try that some day.

  7. p.s.
    love how you made the bag with the quote, and the earrings of course!

  8. What a beautiful post. I love your blog.

  9. Looking at your beautiful earrings makes we want to pull out my etching supplies again..I never did more with it than play around with it, get accustom to the technique. I do love the look and it's fun too..

  10. Simple is a life's pursuit, so many things in life try to squeeze it into nonexistance.

  11. The edge of a storm front ... seen a few and it's like God drew a line in the sky! Great post ... really transcended me to many places.

  12. ladybugs...I totally agree. I don't see many here so I would have to put hummingbirds on my list..they're such a marvel...

  13. MJ, I truly enjoyed reading your simple things list...it is full of pure happiness. :-)

  14. I just wandered into your blog and wanted to take a moment to say how beautiful your jewelry is. It was a treat to find you.


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