08 February 2010

inspired by ~

a book... 

over at nancy schindler's blog the rabbit muse a book club of sorts is going on... the first read is 'the house at riverton.'  she also set up a flickr group where you can post pics of 'inspired by' pieces... 

as soon as i started reading the book i knew that i would be using some components i had picked up from lynn davis ... 

let me just say now that **** there are NO spoilers**** so my thoughts will not have all of the details they might... 

meet grace... she is a girl of two worlds... the poor village where she is raised by her mother... and the wealthy estate riverton... she has within her a burning need to love and be loved... 

the ardent polymer clay bead is by shannon at missficklemedia... a spoon top link by lynn davis... elegant sterling and steel links are spaced with faceted beads from a dismantled chandelier... up the other side, i have combined a coarser fabric and ball ended sterling lengths to represent sewing needles... then above it is a length of pearls and sterling... for the hope, strength and beauty that grace holds within her... there really is so much more to this, but you will have to take my word for it and read the book!

for hannah i created an empowerment necklace... things i wish for her... she also is a girl/woman of two worlds... she is locked out of things she yearns for because of the times and her position in life... recycled sari fabric, apatite, amazonite, turquoise, lapis, lepidolite... all selected for their powers to heal, encourage, protect... beautiful lock by lynn davis as well... 

my trusty assistant, winston, who has the ability to know whenever i am working on anything jewelry related!

and my warrior of the hill... sporting no coat like only a 14 yr. old boy can!

looking forward to the next one! (book that is, not snow storm - but no one is listening, because another one is supposed to start tomorrow!)


  1. I love your pieces you made to represent the characters and their lives, they are very apt.

    I have also completed a piece to represent the part of the book which screamed at me to be put into jewellery form and will be sharing soon.

  2. oh miss mary jane... how i longed to join that group! i just knew i wouldn't have the time to read it but all the creations are so fascinating and now i must go pick up that book. how cool to be inspired by a book! stay tuned for next month in my inspired by challenge... most awesome prize coming... i love the one with the lock. we hold so much in our hearts and lock our true selves in and others out. very rich and unexpected these beauties! thank you for sharing. enjoy the day! erin

  3. oh, that book sounds so inviting. and your jewelry is sheer art.
    what a peaceful space you have here.

  4. Mary Jane, you are just amazing representing the characters with your jewelry! Makes me want to read the book....
    Looks like the kids are sledding next to a cemetary? You're right, only a boy would want to go out in this weather with NO coat! Stay safe and warm with that snow heading your way...

  5. Oh, I love how you have related the character to the pieces of jewelry you have created! Makes them even more one of a kind...with a story.
    We are expecting another big storm starting tomorrow afternoon too, I love the snow but enough already!

  6. clap! clap! beautiful work, mary jane! and now i am eager to see this site with the books. so many favorite things all rolled into one. how could i resist?!

  7. I love the pieces, especially the empowerment piece, I would love to wear that!
    Right now it is snowing pretty good and the roads are horrible. I have lived in Tenn. for almost 4 years and have never seen it like this.

  8. Your jewelry speaks volumes about the characters you read about, also the stories in my head, since I would look at these and never know. They are very powerful!

  9. Oooh the empowerment piece-very powerful indeed. The concept of inspired by a book is great...I'll have to think of that the next time I'm in need of a push.

    I remember 14, I too was a warrior then...I wouldn't go back, but it sure is fun remembering.

  10. Your pieces are beautiful...I'm partial to the blue one...it is one of my favorite colors...your warrior reminds me of my son when he was 14...rarely ever wore a coat then...he is now 30 and still rarely ever wears a coat...unless of course he is working...boys will be boys!!!


  11. OMGoodness, Mary Jane. These are so absolutely awesome! I would love to hold them to see the details more closely! Powerful work!

  12. I have read the book and your necklaces are perfect. I like the way you made them modern and Victorian/Edwardian at the same time--no simple task. I will put in a piece too, but I am in awe of your ability to transform ideas into jewelry. Not really my forte. Just finished my BeadSoup Blog party piece. I plan on visiting you tomorrow too.

  13. I love that a book inspired your jewelry creations! They are beautiful.

  14. I've always had a hard time with inspirational ideas like these, because the BEADS tell me what to do and they're bossy that way. You did a great job!

    Now to go give those beads a stern talking-to.

  15. Lovely! Grace is my particular favorite. It's amazing how you so splendidly bring the spirit of the stories into wearable art. Wonderful work:)


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