23 March 2010

transitioning into spring

clouds filled with spring rain approaching - their beautiful texture overlaying the bright blue sky behind them...

'earth laughs in flowers.'

playful lampwork glass from mika at pinocean contrasted against the pearly sheen and natural look of mica... soft earth and colorful flowers... 

** a note:
my last post received a comment in chinese... 'how cool!' i thought... so em and i ran it through google translator... NOT so cool - it was spam for an adult chat room... i reported the blogger but found the means to be a little lacking... you check off what the 'offense' is - so i had to check spam... there was nowhere for me to mention the adult content... hmmm... 


  1. Love the earrings... do not love the spam.

    Seems like we might be moving quickly into summer here in my part of the country. But I'm going to hold out a little longer for some spring showers.

  2. You always have such beautiful words in your pieces. That green in the beads is spectacular and so perfect for the words.

    You know, I have had a couple of Chinese comments as well. I had no idea that it could be anything nasty. I think I'll have to go back and see about it. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Oh how lovely your earrings are and the words so fitting. DRAT spam. Happy creating...

  4. Love these earrings, especially with the green beads. Is that mica? They look so fresh!

  5. beautiful as always maire ... love the colors of the beads but even more... i love how you choose the most perfect words :)

    i noticed the chinese thingy too, and i get a whole load of that... and it's coming from many different blogs but i suspect from the same author. good thing i moderate my comments before they get published.

  6. Love the earrings - adore the mica. I have some that I need to try. These are really lovely.
    Spam - who needs it. Usually the Chinese comments have a three letter word in English, so you know right off. I have even had blog posts spammed by a shop for wedding dresses, and this was in English!

  7. beautiful earrings and words
    i'm sorry about the spam.

  8. All the spam that has html in the ellipses (sneaky devils) I hastily delete without clicking. Learned once!

    Love the earrings!

  9. Beauuuuutiful earrings! I love the fact that your wearable art captures quotes that remind us to smile and to be grateful! It just seems like the simple act of picking up these earrings from a jewelry box and deciding to wear them on a particular day would cover one in a permanent state of SMILE!


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